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Legal system in Brazil with Ricardo Tosto

Brazil has a huge number of lawyers. There are over one million lawyers in the country. It ranks as the third country that has a huge number of lawyers in the world. Only India and the United States has a higher number of lawyers than Brazil. The huge number of layers in the country have been created by huge demand for law serves, attractive nature of the legal profession as well as the high number of law schools in the country. Brazil has more law schools than any other country. This has been the reason why access to legal education has been very easy. However, even with the high number of schools, the process of becoming a lawyer is never that easy. One has to pass a test. The procedure of qualification as a lawyer in the country usually involves one going through a recognized university for law studies. An undergraduate student should graduate with a degree in law. After the degree, the next stage is to join a law school. At the end of law school, there is the bar exam that one must sit and pass. Failure to pass will not get one awarded qualification as a lawyer.

It is therefore clear that Brazil has a legal system that allows only qualified lawyers in the country to represent clients in courts of law. In the pool of qualified lawyers, clients child be able to make a right choice for a lawyer based on the experience and other factors. A lawyer who has adequate experience and one who is qualified to offer representation in a particular field of law are the best.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a lawyer in Brazil who is qualified to offer representation in business ligation related cases. He has the expertise and knowledge to deal with court cases that may need one to have knowledge of businesses litigation. He is the best commercial lawyer in the country. He has even been nominated by the Who’s Who as the best commercial lawyer in Brazil. His knowledge is not in doubt. Ricardo Tosto has a degree from Mackenzie University. He has represented high profile people and business organization in the country to deal with court cases.

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