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HCR Wealth Is Concerned About the Sandwich Generation

HCR Wealth Advisors has noticed a growing number of working-aged adults that are supporting both their sick parents and their own children. The people stuck in this financial situation are called the Sandwich Generation, since they are sandwiched between their financial responsibilities.

At least 1 in 7 working-aged adults are estimated to be living in such a situation. The financial pressure builds up for such individuals and it may hinder their own financial growth and retirement savings.

That situation is even more burdensome that college education is increasing in price. With a more competitive job market looming, it can seem like a hopeless situation.

Focus on Retirement

Aside from your kids, you should consider your end-of-life plan. There should always be some money stashed away somewhere, whether it is in liquid assets or investments.

It may seem like a selfish decision, but your retirement goals must come first as you get older. When your kids are adults and finish college, they should be able to take care of themselves and unload some pressure from you. Your parents may need some help but keep your help within your own financial limits.

Make a Plan for Your Parents’ Healthcare

With the high medical costs in the country, aging parents can be a huge financial burden that the government or their own insurance cannot handle fully. Examine what their bare minimum living costs are and contribute what you can afford. Also take into consideration if they are still bringing in an income, including their retirement checks. Longevity is increasing so it is not unlikely that they will need financial support for decades after retirement.

HCR Wealth Advisors is all about helping you make your financial decisions. With their guidance, even the sandwich generation can reach its financial goals. This registered investment advisory firm is based out of Los Angeles – see more of their financial tips on facebook @HCRwealth.

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Shervin Pishevar: A Man Of Many Words

No one would say that Shervin Pishevar holds his tongue when he has a thought or idea. In fact, he tends to go after it and share everything that is thinking and feeling about a particular subject. Thus, it was no surprise to long time followers when Shervin Pishevar emerged once again on Twitter to talk about the goings on in the world.

Shervin Pishevar has seen that people are interested in what he has to say, and he has capitalized on that. He helps them try to understand the world from the prospective that he sees things in as well.

One of the first things that Shervin Pishevar wanted to share with his followers was his belief that the stock market is headed for a crash. He believes that a twenty percent or bigger drop in the market is highly likely. He also believes that policies coming out of the White House are to blame for it.

You might chop this up as just another partisan who does not care for the current administration except for the fact that Shervin Pishevar is actually someone who just cares about making money and making the best choices to reach those goals. He has proven this by making an early investment in AirBnb that paid off handsomely for him. By taking a calculated risk on that deal, Shervin was able to make some good money for himself. He did not want to leave others behind though, and that is why he now shares his viewpoints about the world in general with an audience that is often wrapped up in every world that he shares.

It is a treat to read the commentary from a person like Pishevar as he talks about the world. He can learn for example from him that he believes that startups are difficult to do anymore given how much protection is afforded to the largest companies in America. It is something that troubles him and makes him believe that there have to be better solutions to this problem. He tweets about that and explains why he thinks that this is the case. That along with other big ideas from him are plenty enough reasons to start following the man.

The Oxford Club Offers Chairman’s Circle for lifetime members

The Oxford Club is an elite organization that comprises of extremely wealthy investors from around the globe and provides its Director’s Circle Membership for those lifetime members of the organization’s premier investment publications. The Director’s Circle membership allows members to have a lifetime access to resources and can easily transfer their membership down to family members in perpetuity for them to enjoy the highest level of research and analysis for the protection and expansion of investment portfolio. The Oxford Club resources provide intellectual perspectives and analysis that keeps their members on the cutting edge of investment opportunities that will potentially generate lucrative returns on investment. Members that are part of the Director’s Circle membership level have unlimited access to resources and all three of The Oxford Club newsletters that provide key insight and perspective on various markets and asset categories.


The Oxford Club specializes in delivering unique insight into private equity, bonds, stocks, cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, trading options, and various other asset classes within the investment industry. Their staff consists of extremely talented and resourceful publishers, research, customer service, operation, sales, editorial staff, and marketing professionals that provide the highest levels of understanding and critical information to base wealthy individuals’ investment resources with.


The Oxford Club was established in 1989 and was formerly called Passport Club and after the acquisition of the Florida-based Publications called The Oxford Club, they quickly renamed the company after the newly found acquisition company’s name. The Oxford Club was renamed in 1991, with the founder and owner of The Agora Companies Bill Bonner. The Oxford Club was established to allow investors to network and share key insight and perspective amongst its members to provide reliable analysis for potential investment opportunities that will garner the largest returns on investment for its wealthy investors. By providing the resources and networking opportunities within the organization, the Oxford Club generally outperforms any publication that is mainstream because of their high-level network resources and data sharing capabilities. Members that have found value in The Oxford Club resources that are beneficial and life-changing they generally sign up for the Director’s Circle Membership and create opportunities to receive the best of information and resources for investment choices with their life-long membership.

Check out The Oxford Club’s video for more details about them:

Madison Street Capital Steadily Setting the Bar High In Investment Banking Industry

Madison street capital is gradually gaining the top-notch reputation in offering expert financial advice to various businesses around the globe. The firm is in the business of assisting organizations to gain access to fast and reliable credit, make smart and informed investment decisions and is in a position to steer complex transactions. At Madison Street Capital, companies can also be able to get their valuation as the company offers valuation and merger consultation services. The outstanding reputation of the company has been earned by efficiency from the company in helping a large number of well-established businesses.


Madison Street Capital has obtained credit in various perspectives in 2014 the company provided advisory services to Vital Care Industries, a medical manufacturing company based in Illinois. MSC assisted the company secures the proper lender for a commercial loan. The review from the company in regards to this service was nothing short of a satisfied client. There was also the recognition of the co-founder of MSC Anthony Marsala by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst, Awards for the 40 Under Forty. The award recognizes young leaders in businesses that have made impressive achievements in matters involving valuations, mergers, and other similar related works.


Madison Street Capital has also had significant recognition in various award events. In 2016, the company was named as the finalist for the M&A Advisor Awards. The company was also nominated the top boutique investment banking firm in 2016 by Experts. It was also selected as the top company for facilitating the best industrial merger with a valuation of fewer than 100 million dollars. In 2017, the company has worn a Turnaround Award highlighting its role in 2016 as the most excellent restructuring transaction company with a valuation of under 25million dollars. The group competed with 300 firms for the award.


In 2017, the company has helped DCG Software Value in the process of its merging with the Spitfire Group. The company’s whose offices are in Great Britain and Pennsylvania has offered different software and analysis services over the last two decades. Madison Street Capital Draws has extensively assisted a diverse range of companies in their valuation and merging. MSC prides itself in the team of expert professionals that have a deep understanding of how to go about in handling every company differently and uniquely. The team has built exceptional experience over time in managing relationships with the clients making Madison Street Capital one of the world’s premier firms. You can also find this information and more on Learn more: