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Jason Hope is a dedicated and enthusiastic entrepreneur and investor who studies the future in the development of technology and makes predictions about what is up and coming in technology. He also studies age-related diseases; publishes various articles, one called “Living a Longer Healthier Life”; and dabbles some in politics.

Jason attended Arizona State University, earning a Finance Degree, then received his MBA Business Degree from Arizona State’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Along with his technology entrepreneurship, he cares about education, disease cures and scientific research and has donated his time and money to many different organizations.

An article written about Jason talks about one of these organizations, a non-profit organization called the SENS Foundation. The article explains how and why he has his sights on researching age-related illnesses that affect older people and why these diseases are happening. In 2010, he became involved and donated half a million dollars and said he invested in SENS because he “believes in their work and understands how essential it is in terms of advancing human medicine“. Along with his financial contribution, which now is over one million dollars, he is involved in the outreach part and future in human health. He wants the age-relating disease research to be more about “understanding prevention as a way to create a longer, better quality of life” and not so much in treating the diseases. The research shows that as time goes on, the normal metabolism damages the body and “old-age” diseases start setting in. Jason says that SENS research is helping by repairing the damages before the abnormalities and deadly diseases develop. Millions of people are now investing and becoming involved in age-related diseases, and Jason wants to see faster results in helping the entire human race.

Jason has also written for about the Internet of Things, which is advanced technology that allows basic devices used in daily life to sync with each other and connect on the same networks and share data. This may one day be the largest advancement in technology ever to happen, helping to eliminate waste and make everyone safer in their everyday lives.

Jason Hope is accomplishing much in his lifetime, but as well as all of his endeavors, he said, “giving back to the community goes hand in hand with his professional success”. It appears Jason Hope will be researching and giving for years to come.

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Jason Hope Sees the Future in an Optimistic Manner Following the Technology of 5G

The fifth generation is a mobile technology for networking. The focused entrepreneurs which Jason Hope is part of are sure that the 5G technology will bring in a new age of happiness, better health, and rapid communication.

More about 5G

5G mobile technology will be the subsequent mobile generation network. This development in technology will be impressive to all internet users. Most people are currently using the network of 4G LTE which allows the streaming of HD videos and faster browsing. The 5G network is even superior as it has been revealed that it will surpass this network by nearly ten times. This proves that the Internet of Things and Smart Technology has expanded. Internet of Things is a term that combines both software and hardware networks that ensure that people interact through the internet. The 4G LTE technology currently working well with the Internet of Things, but the network of 5G will do even better.

The 5G technology will ensure the effectiveness of the smart devices as its uploading and downloading speeds will be high. This will be due to the reduced delay enhanced by this network generation.

More about the Great Philanthropist

Jason Hope resides in from Scottsdale, Arizona and is an entrepreneur, futurist, and investor who is passionate about technology and service to the community. He went to Arizona State University where he got a finance degree. He also went to ASU’s W.P. which is a Business School where he got an MBA. Jason has an inbuilt passion in the political platform nationally as well as the Arizona state.

Jason Hope is strongly involved in support of researching on cancer not leaving out the society of Lymphoma and Leukaemia. It is Jason’s passion to see indoor and outdoor education programs as he strongly supports education. He has urged organizations to get well informed on matters of disease prevention and treatment. Technology and systems of computer information are other fields of interest to Jason. As the Chief Executive Officer of JAWA, he is keen on the upcoming trends in the fields to ensure that he has ample information.

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Why Jason Hope Is Invested In The Internet Of Things

What exactly is this “internet of things” that we keep hearing about, and why do people seem to be getting so excited about something as vague as “things”? While the term is misleadingly vague, it’s actually referring to one of the digital domain’s biggest and exciting concepts-one in which the internet can be used as a tool with infinite possibilities, thanks to the technology of connections.

And no one is a bigger proponent or educator on how these technologies can be harnessed than Jason Hope. Through various media outlets, Hope has educated businesspeople and everyday consumers alike on why it’s not just cool that street lights can talk to each other, or that equipment can track and log its own maintenance. Developing this ability not only makes everything from computers to coffee makers run more efficiently. It also reduces waste both in terms of time and the type that puts a strain upon resources. Hope has indicated that he’s so convinced that the Internet Of Things is with us to stay, that consumers would be wise not only to acquire these “things”, but to invest with companies that produce them as well.

And Hope’s passion for connectedness doesn’t just apply to smartphones or cars. He recently pledged $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, a non-profit organization that employs advanced technologies in medical research. Hope’s donation will allow Dr. Aubrey deGrey to apply nanotechnology experiments towards the effects of aging and diseases associated with it, such as Alzheimer’s, atherosclerosis, and diabetes. Hope’s donation was singled out for praise at a recent “Breakout Philanthropy” breakfast.

And in addition to philanthropy, Hope continues his work as a “futurist“. Under Hope’s tutelage, the public will continue to be educated and provoked as to the many possibilities of the internet. The results will be faster, safer, and more environmentally responsible technologies and products for all to benefit from.