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Thor Halvorssen Offers Peculiar Opinion On Socialism and the Sanders Campaign

In a recent interview on Fox News’ Live Business Trish Regan interviewed the famous political and human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen. The topic of the day was socialism, specifically, Bernie Sanders brand of socialism. Halvorssen immediately stated that socialism was not just undesirable for the United States of America, but downright unethical, viewing it as theft in the guise of salvation.

It’s important to note that here, Halvorssen is not merely speaking from a purely academic perspective, but from a firsthand one. Indeed, Halvorssen has had many a intimate and unnerving encounter with socialist governments, namely that of the Socialist Republic of Venezuela. He speaks passionately about the subject when prompted by Ms. Regan, “I just have to get you to one more thing before you go – you have personal experience with this (totalitarian socialism) in Venezuela. Your father-” at this point Halvorssen jumps in. My father was a political prisoner. My mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez and my cousin, my first cousin, is currently in prison in Venezuela.” He clarifies, however, that Venezuela had, for many years previously, a moderate and effective labor government, which utilized a measured form of Democratic Socialism – a mode of government which Halvorseen does not take particular exception with, as, in his view, it does not infringe markedly upon fundamental human rights in the same way that socialism under a authoritarian, centralized government does. He described the latter form of government as nothing more than, “Looting.”

It is therefore, perhaps, unsurprising when Thor Halvorssen brings everything back home by saying that not only does he support Bernie Sanders, he donated the maximum allowed amount to his campaign – it was a revelation which shocked Ms. Regan who responded with a accentuated, “Wow…” When pressed as to why, Halvorssen, who is voting democrat, simply replied that he could never back Hillary Clinton given the countries from whom her foundation has received money (in the millions of dollars) from, countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria, Bahrain and Syria. Countries which Halvorssen describes collectively as places that, “Execute you for being gay – that restrict all press freedoms – that in some cases ban Christmas!” He concluded by firmly asserting that he would always and ever take a democratic socialist over anyone who takes money from totalitarian dictatorships.