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Emily McClure’s Experience with Wen by Chaz

The article focuses on Emily McClure, a hair care fanatic, and her experience with using the Wen by Chaz conditioning shampoo. Emily loves hair care and was ready to try the Ebay sold product and see how it worked for her. She had heard really good things about the product and wanted to test it out on her hair type.
Emily tried the product [visit:] for a full week to get the full effect of how it would effect her hair. She normally likes to wash her hair of an evening but decided to wash and dry it in the morning the first day she tried it. Her results the first day were very good. It made her hair feel fuller and seem shinier than normal. So far, the product was great. The next day though, she reported that her roots were much more oilier than normal. It may have been from the amount of product that the directions told to use. It said to use about 3-4 times the amount that you would normally use with regular shampoo. She again washed her hair that morning and had amazing results. Her friends and family were commenting on the fullness and shine throughout the week.

She found that when using the product, it worked best for her to wash and dry her hair of a morning because the results were amazing. She seemed to have good success with the product because she normally had thinner hair. WEN was about to give her thicker and more voluminous hair. Emily was glad that she tried the sephora high-end product because it gave her a different aspect to her hair that other shampoo was not able to give her.

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