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Cleansing Conditioners From Wen Keeps My Hair Soft and Shiny

WEN by Chaz [] continues to perform as a powerful cleansing conditioner as stated by WEN users. Customers from around the world love how WEN products leave your feeling. From leaving your hair in better shape than ever.
One customer wanted to know if this Cleansing Conditioner, Wen was all it said it was.
WEN is essentially a shampoo and conditioner in one. Emily McClure took followers of her beauty blog on this journey with her. Beginning with a picture of her hair on day one to her seventh day and how WEN reacted with her daily use of it.

She was alarmed at the amount she had to use, but wanted the trial to be like they recommended. It is twice the amount of regular amount she was used to using. Each day she noticed a few changes in her hair. She woke up late on day four and didn’t have time to get a shower and wash her hair and noticed that her hair was limp and oily. She knew then she couldn’t skip a morning shower again.

By day six, she had her routine down and decided to go out with friends for drinks. It was great to hear the complements from her friends on how shiny her hair looked. The hair struggles seem to fade to the background.

WEN was developed by the world famous stylist Chaz Dean. He is known in Los Angeles for his amazing clientele. He knew the pressure that celebrities faced and wanted to help them with their hair problems. With all natural ingredients and a money back guarantee, how could they go wrong. He offers his products on Sephora.