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See School Choice as a Dick DeVos Improvement

There is a major difference in the quality of education received attending a particular school over another. Paramount to quality, the twelve year experience may be improved. School choice is important as in my case when I graduated from public school I was illiterate. I could not read, write, spell, pronounce, and I had never read a book. I did however receive a diploma from the public school system. So you ask what went wrong and how did that happen? The answer is I could not visually see; I had not been diagnosed with needing eye-glasses. Henceforth since my last name is somewhat in the middle of the alphabet I was assigned seating in the back of the classroom compounding my unable to see.

To understand this dilemma: since no one ever told me I could not see, how was a six, seven, or eight year-old supposed to know they can’t see like someone who has perfect vision. In my situation I just accepted everyone could not see the blackboard just like me. It never occurred to me that I was the only one that saw nothing on the blackboard. Subsequently in public schools, if a kid is not alert and a bookish, then they become nobody in the masses of children. That is what I become; I just existed in a classroom, in a school, for six hours unnoticed.

I honestly can say I never did homework, but more realistically I never knew I was supposed to read the book I took home. This is a fact. Now one can complain where were your parents? And I say to you I got satisfactory grades. Actually it is truly amazing what you can absorb by pure instincts, I just mimicked other kids.

School choice is a general term used to define alternative ways to education other than the standard public school system and I say that is virtuous. I am not alone with school choice. Philanthropist Dick DeVos is one who supports school choice. Dick DeVos is heir to the Amway Dynasty. Four years ago Forbes magazine put him in the top hundred richest people. Touting a net worth over five billion dollars shows he is a money-maker making a difference in education. Today educational voucher are gaining strength as well as alternative choices like charter and home schooling. This momentum to unconventional forms of education is contributed to by Dick DeVos. They have many foundations to support and shift public opinion toward school choice. I applaud Dick’s efforts; it is a wise decision to make unique educational avenues to graduation. 

I was finally diagnosed by an optometrist for corrective lenses, and a new journey in edification was bestowed upon me. I actually, as an adult, educated myself and received a bachelor in engineering from a notable university. So if you visit the foundation website you will find the DeVos family manifesto is published. It is their desire to seek choice and access to education. See Education

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Skout Works With Food Bank to Fight Hunger

One sign of a good company is that it is willing to help with certain causes for the improvement of human life. Skout is one of the companies that work towards fighting problems like hunger. Skout has recently partnered with SF-Marin Food Bank in order to serve thousands of people who are starving. Skout is also encouraging users to make donations to the food bank so that the 20,000 starving people will be able to eat. Skout intends to donate cash until they reach the goal of feeding 20,000 starving people.

Skout is a social network that is designed to help people meet friends. It is very versatile when it comes to the type of relationships formed through the use of this tablet. There are many activities and many ways to meet people with this social media platform. Among the common activities that people use Skout for is to set up a date for meeting someone that they are interested in. Skout also allows for people to meet friends in person with their apps. Skout is definitely a social media platform that stands out among the others in that it encourages connections with friends beyond the online realm.

Skout has many features for traveling. This social media platform also allows for people to gain pen pals. Skout has expanded to cover 180 countries throughout the world. It is also available in 16 different languages. It was started up in 2007 and the headquarters is located in San Francisco. Skout has a user friendly interface and has many suggestions when it comes to meeting up in an area. The app for Skout can be downloaded at iTunes. Skout allows users to sign up using Facebook or their email address. Once they activate their account, they are then taken to a grid of users.

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Sanjay Shah Develops Strategies To Help Understand Autism

What inspired Sanjay Shah, a British-born philanthropist, to start a GoFundMe project? A passion for music, an insurmountable love for his son and a cup of tea with ‘Snoop Dogg’, the world’s most famous rapper. These were the factors that led Mr. Sanjay to come up with the bright idea to stage gigs all around the world, with the money being raised being committed to autism research. This cause is very close to his heart, as his son was in 2011 diagnosed with autism.
The project launched in 2014, with an invite-only performance from Prince, a musical icon. This performance was held in London. Sanjay has gone further to develop autism rocks to be the charity of choice at private shows with legendary musicians like Drake, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Buble.
All the money raised is channeled to the Autism Research Trust (ART). ART then provides support and funding for the research done by the Autism Research Centre (ARC) at Cambridge University. The research aims at understanding the cause as well as effects of autism.
ARC is now conducting 15 long-term research projects from the funds raised. These projects seek to identify, at the earliest time possible, children who are susceptible to developing autism, and then develop intervention measures and support to aid those who develop autism for the rest of their lives.
Sanjay Shah is the Founder of Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks is a charity that aims at providing funds for autism research. The charity came around following a personal crisis in his life. Nikhil, Sanjay’s youngest son, was diagnosed with autism. Shah was moved to donate money to help the many families who could not afford therapy. With his medical background, however, Shah was more inclined to find the causes of autism as well as help families with autistic children.
Shah’s parents moved from Kenya to London in the 1960s. Shah grew up in Marylebone neighborhood in Central London. He went on to study Medicine at King’s College. He, however, chose a different career path, going on to become an accountant. Shah has worked for top investment banks that include Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, the Dutch bank Rabobank, Morgan Stanley and ING.