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Should You Consider Bryant As WR1 in Fantasy Football Rankings?

Martavis Bryant, while a good player, has been a little troubled in his professional career. His third year was supposed to be one of his best, as most fantasy football rankings start ticking up for many players without injury. However, for the wide-out, a second failure of a drug test halted all of those dreams.

It’s for that reason that while many fantasy football rankings experts approach him with caution. It’s not very often that you can expect a player to bounce back from that adversity and play at that same level. However, with you factor in the other targets – such as Brown and Bell, there may only be a little left on the plate for Bryant. Of course, that isn’t factoring the declining health of the QB.

That said, the fantasy football rankings can spell some fortune for Bryant. Defenses will probably not scheme around him as mich given his absence. Furthermore, the Steelers also have two of the most potent weapons in all of the NFL at the true WR1 and RB positions.

So, who knows, he may be able to perform at low-end WR1 levels in many formats – according to more than half of leading fantasy football rankings outfits.