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Papa John’s CEO Steve Ritchie Is Taking A Well-Crafted Approach To Inclusion

In an effort to raise famed pizza giant Papa Johns from the ashes of its recent public relations nightmare, newly appointed CEO Steve Ritchie is stepping up to redeem the beleaguer company.

Tolerance, diversity, and foundational basics of service are the main tenents of his campaign to restore confidence in the beloved pizza chain.

In an open letter pinned to the company’s website that some accused of missing the mark, Mr. Ritchie expressed deep concern over the company’s reputation, but lacked sincerity, compassion and what most were looking for: an apology for previous actions.

Adjusting focus back to millions of loyal customers, he then tweaked the letter, making sure to the most crucial ingredients as is customary with company’s business model- empathy and truthful awareness of the situation at hand. Emotionally intelligent and sensitive to the nature of customer loyalty, Steve Ritchie Papa John’s then laid out a series of ‘to-do’ for Papa Johns going forward including, but not limited to a strict and firm assessment of company culture geared towards strengths and weakness analysis; initiating open feedback dialogue with franchisees and their employees in order to restore trust in senior management; and to cultivate transparency and accountability moving forward. He also highlighted that company’s success hinges on the success of all those who

dedicate their lives in service to the company’s objectives. Wisely distancing himself from former leadership, the embattled CEO promised to prioritize diversity and inclusion within the organization.

Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) recent quagmire should be an exploratory lesson on the dangers of insensitivity in business, especially within executive boardrooms. Regardless of the situation, corporate social responsibility will become even more relevant as time goes on. Companies large and small, new and old, can no longer afford the tax of detachment from reality. The learning curve can be steep, but manageable as seen with the efforts of Steve Ritchie.

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OSI Food Solutions on European Food Market

OSI as one of the fastest growing companies in the food industry, the entry into the European market is strategic. Acquiring Flagship Europe was without a doubt the best move to revolutionize the UK food market. The buying of this company in late 2016 gave OSI Food Solutions the needed chance of expanding in the competitive UK market. The purchase of the entity will help the new entity increase in the capacity of production and the required financial muscles. David McDonald, who is in charge of the Europe expansion agenda, sees this as a chance to improve the consumer experience in the UK.

Still, on the OSI Food Solutions Europe presence, the company has been consistent in the preservation of the environment. British Safety Council is the world’s most efficient environmental conscious body. Being awarded Globe of Honor by this organization indicates the company’s commitment to a safe society. The 2016 awards cement the commitment the company has on the environment since the company first operational in the last 1980s. Mike Robinson who is CEO of the awarding body points out that among all the companies shortlisted, OSI Food Solutions had the highest satisfactory rate from the jury.

OSI Food Solutions has one of the most progressive approaches to employment. As an equal employer, the company has over the past one century has given a chance for thousands of people to work for the company. Like a 21-century company, OSI is not discriminative on color, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation or any other discriminatory aspect. This progressive approach explains the reason why OSI is currently home to over twenty thousand employees in over 17 countries.

The company acknowledges that the human resources are one of the crucial factors of production. Therefore, OSI not only gives the employees a chance to grow professionally but also encourages people to grow in their respective areas. OSI has one of the most valid promotion criteria. Rewarding hardworking employees explain the reasons why the company has produced excellent and innovative employees. As one of the most innovative companies, OSI not only encourages employees to be creative but also has programs for in job training on different platforms.

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OSI Food Solutions Purchases Tyson Food

OSI Food Solutions is doing anything possible to make its customers from all over the world content happy. The company came into the limelight many decades ago, and it has reached to the clients who want to consume high-quality meat and other food products. The company has reached this point because of the hard work and commitment that has been shown by the people working in the large institution. The company has invested so much in the personalities it offers its working positions. These professionals ensure that by the time the food from the company reaches the customers, it has met all the required standards.

OSI Food Solutions journey to its current success has not been an easy one. The organization has moved from being an ordinary meat shop into one of the largest institutions in the complicated international arena. International food companies do not have an easy ride to success. There are many governments involved in the business, and they all demand many regulations to be met before the company can be set up in their area. OSI Food Solutions management has a great legal team that handles all of the legal challenges that are brought by the institution, and they all ensure that there is great coordination at the end of the day.

The firm has been forced to make so many changes to accommodate the growing clientele. According to a recent report that has been released by the firm, OSI Food Solutions has purchased a food processing plant and at the same time a storage warehouse that is based in Chicago. The new warehouse is close to the company main offices, and this means that the company will have the storage it has been searching for. The new addition, known to many as Tyson Foods is very popular in the Chicago area, and it will give OSI Food Solutions the kind of support that is desired for its growth. The financial details of the newly completed transaction have not been announced to the entire public, but the two organizations says that they have completed all the formalities, and the companies will be operating under new management.