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How has Peter Briger transformed the Fortress Investment Group?

As a financial and business leader Peter Briger is highly regarded at Fortress Investment Group. This is the organization he has been working for since 2002 and today serves as its Principal and Co-CEO heading the San Francisco office. Peter Briger began his career at Goldman Sachs after completing university at Princeton, where he had graduated with a Bachelors of Arts. He realized early on that he favored a career in finance and thus stuck to Goldman as he moved up the corporate ladder. This would serve him well as by 1996 he had made partner in the organization.

This position accorded him certain privileges as he was now more involved in the running of the organization and making decisions that were bound to have a greater impact. During his time here, he would go for his MBA at the prestigious Wharton School of business a decision which not only made his CV stronger but helped make him a better financial leader. At this time, he would join more committees at Goldman Sachs. These committees were mostly of an international nature, and it would help him learn more about the international business environment, especially the Asian market, which Goldman Sachs had a special interest in at the time. In 2002 Fortress investment Group came calling.

Peter Briger viewed this as an opportunity to grow and put his skills that he had acquired over the years to use. He moved here and moved to establish the credit department for Fortress. This was at a time when the Fortress investment group was looking to expand its portfolio as it was already experiencing phenomenal growth. This would grant Peter Briger an opportunity to establish and grow on of the most successful departments at Fortress today. In 2006 he was appointed to the Board of directors the Group. With this appointment came more responsibility as soon after the group need to go public and was to be underwritten by Goldman Sachs. Peter was again appointed to take charge of the role something that he oversaw successfully in 2007. This has been one of the greatest achievements in his career as a financial leader.


Giving their customers the products they desire is the mark of a great business. The company will earn the respect and loyalty of the customers they serve. For most customers, what they need from a financial company is, to get the funds they need to meet their professional and personal goals.

Equites First is a company, that was founded by Al Christy Jr, in the year 2002 in the state of Indiana, in the city of Indianapolis. The company was establish to give the customers the chance to obtain the loans they need to carry out their venture.

They provided the customers, loans that they could use their stock and shares to secure, offered them easy to qualify terms as well as low interest rates to make the repayment easy and fast.

Equities does it’s business from five countries, they hope to open more branches in more countries, as their popularity grows.

Jason Hope Supports Advances In Anti-Aging Medicine

Jason hope has lived in Arizona for his entire life. He currently resides just outside of Phoenix Arizona and continues to support various philanthropic endeavors. He graduated from Arizona State University with his MBA. Since then he has focused his time on various charitable causes that he believes can create a better future. Research organization Strategies For Negligible Senescence Research Foundation has been focused on the development of new treatment protocols for age-related diseases. In 2010 prominent Arizona entrepreneur and philanthropist Jason hope donated $500,000 to the organization and effort to help spur development of new treatment protocols. Thanks to the generous donation from Jason the organization was able to create a new laboratory at Cambridge. At this laboratory, a number of significant advancements in the understanding of aging have been made.

One of the most significant advancements in this field has been that of telomeres. Telomeres are now known to be one of the primary components of aging. They serve as a protective buffer at the end of chromosomes. Over time they are broken down. As they break down, they are one of the principal components of aging. Research has been made into telomerase. Telomerase is an enzyme which has the possibility of elongating telomeres. The elongation of telomeres has the potential for significantly reducing the speed of aging.Chronic inflammation of the human brain is another area of interest in the treatment of age-related decline. Chronic inflammation has been linked to the development of dementia. The human body produces a number of inflammatory compounds naturally as a byproduct of metabolism.

This extracellular waste can over time decrease the strength of a sales barrier and increase oxidative stress in an organism. Several compounds have been tested that can help prevent the bioaccumulation of inflammatory compounds produced by the neurons in the human brain. Senescent cells, for example, are known to release inflammatory compounds. Medications that reduce the number of these senescent cells are capable of preventing age-related diseases and increasing the nutrition of healthy cells. The net effect is a decrease in inflammation and an increase in an individual’s lifespan.The area outside of the cell known as the extracellular matrix is affected by glycation. Over time there is an accumulation of proteins between cells. This causes a decrease in the elasticity of tissues. Eventually, this can contribute to osteoarthritis and hardened arteries. By reducing the level of glycation in the body, it is possible to increase humans lifespan.

NexBank Excels In Personalized Account

How To Maximize Your Personal Financial Account

There are many people trapped in their current financial institution out of convenience, but they’re sick and tired of the excess fees. The leaders in financial services in Dallas, Texas, the NexBank financial group, gives their personalized account holders more ways to maximize their hard earned money. That let you earn interest on their savings account to help you go on vacation or save some extra money for a special occasion. Not sure if you qualify for a NexBank account? Contact one of their friendly customer service representatives for more information account details.

Everybody is one the move and need a secure way to access their money at all times. You can enjoy many features conveniently from many electronic devices including your smartphone. Enjoy features that mimic visiting an actual branch for service. Switch money in between accounts or view your account balance from your office. You never have to worry about navigating your account alone with live online support from an online rep. Many people have began to discover their online network nationwide and they proudly serve over 300,000 customers. You will love being a part of a financial institute with secure features for your money.

NexBank has over $65.4 billion dollars in assets with secure FDIC insurance. You can actually use your account to secure your assets, if you’re a mid-sized corporation with an industrialized account. NexBank also has investment and commercial accounts for their account holders. They help you realise your dreams of owning a home for the first time with a homeowners program under their mortgage tab. If you’re interested in driving your dream car, the NexBank installment loan allows their patrons to make payments on their car loan in bi-weekly or monthly payments. Drive your dream car with NexBank today.