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Soros Wants Europe to Spend More on Aid

George Soros, a multi-billionaire hedge fund manager and a social activist, states that Ukraine needs financial aid. And so does the Wall Street Journal. This publication claims that Ukraine deserves debt relief. The Russian aggression against the former Soviet republic has taken a toll, and its debt of $19 billion isn’t sustainable.

Soros claims that the European Union nations should help Ukraine. However, this is without consideration to the fact that these countries have even bigger debts than Ukraine. In fact, much bigger.

The wealthy financier agrees, however, that the EU has problems. Indeed, he lists five of them: the structural issues with Euro, unresolved Greek debt, migration from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, Brexit, and Ukraine. To that we can add looming banking crisis in Italy.

George Soros’ response is to have the European nations spend more of their taxpayers’ money. He even proposed that Europe accepts millions of migrants and fully supports them financially for years.

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He agrees that not all the crises can be resolved at once. Some of them should be given priority. Ukraine, he states, should be handled first. One of the reasons for it is to stop Putin’s expansion.

Having prosperous Ukraine would be in the interest of Europe, the 86-year old Soros argues. He’s also familiar with the country as he has his foundations working there. In fact, his foundations operate in more than 100 countries and seek to take pressure on local governments to pursue liberal agendas.

George Soros was born to a Jewish family in Hungary. He was educated in the United Kingdom and then he immigrated to America where he made his billions speculating in the financial markets. With his superior performance, Soros made billions of dollars for himself and his investors. Over several decades, he has proven to be among the finest investors in the world.

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