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Pick A Great Event, And Use Your Magnises Card To Get In

How would you like to go to a Fourth of July party in a penthouse that overlooks New York City? How about being invited to an exclusive premiere party for a potential hit blockbuster movie? Would you be interested in going to the Hamptons on a Friday night for the most fun you can have around other people? All of these things sound great and may even sound out of reach for some people, but being a Magnises member entitles every card user to these benefits and so much more. There have been some great events in the past that were for Magnises members only.

On top of all the awesome benefits that are available when you become a Magnises member, you can also look forward to a whole lot of discounts and freebies that can make being a member more than worth it, even with the $250 a year price tag for the membership. There are bars or restaurants that you can go to to enjoy a complimentary bottle of any drink of your choice if you get a table or purchase another bottle. Get VIP seating in certain bars and restaurants when you have your Magnises membership card.

You can easily be invited to some of the best get-togethers, especially when they are only for Magnises members. There are always shindigs that are thrown together for Magnises members on a bi-weekly basis, and there may be other parties outside of the regular parties that happen two times a month, either in the penthouse, in the fish bar or in other places that Magnises chooses to have their parties. How about having a pop-up party at a warehouse that is decked out and ready for everyone to join in the fun? There are just so many different things for Magnises members to do with their membership.

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The discounts can be spectacular as well, especially since it doesn’t stop with just shopping but with includes hotels, restaurants, bars, shops and more. Magnises has created some very great partnerships with heavy hitting businesses that do everything they can for a Magnises member, especially when they have products to sell. Samsung is a company that recently had many Magnises members at their private party that featured their new products, and anyone who was a Magnises member was allowed to come in, and they may have even gotten some great gifts to go home with.

Travelers that have a Magnises membership can also get some benefits that are wonderful, such as discounted hotel rooms, free upgrades, discounts within the hotel and more. Most of the hotels are high-end hotels that are very luxurious but are willing to lower their prices for Magnises members, which makes having the membership that much better. All Magnises members who want to get the most they can from the membership are encouraged to download the Magnises Concierge application to their smartphone, especially if they want help on finding all of the hottest events in the big city.

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