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Sheldon Lavin Makes OSI Group Amazing

Sheldon Lavin is a well-known name in the food processing industry. In the business since 1970, he helped finance the OSI Group. It started when a company called Otto and Sons were given the unique opportunity to supply meat for the McDonald’s Corporation. They couldn’t afford to build the facility they would need to take on the job. After they courted him for a while Lavin finally agreed to help in 1975. McDonald’s requested he go full time with the business now called OSI and so he did. The business was now owned by the Otto brothers and he became their full-time partner.

Over the years the company grew immensely and is now an international food procession company. In fact, the company started as a small time supplier of burgers and grew into what it is today. It is now the largest company that supplies McDonald’s in network.

Under Sheldon Lavin as a CEO, the company has grown to over twenty thousand employees across the world. He has prided himself on being able to retain employees and creating a family atmosphere for his employees. There are headquarters for the OSI group in Austrailia, China, India, and thirteen other countries with over fifty locations.

He’s been honored with awards for accomplishing so much with OSI Group and focuses on being a charitable leader and keeping the company environmentally friendly. A big part of his overall plan for the company is based on his beliefs that sustainability is the key to running a successful company. This means he looks at everything from a social and environmental lens as well as factoring in economics.

Among the many hats he is happy to wear within his company, he also is a trustee for Ronald McDonald House Charities, a board member of Rush University Medical Center, and President of The Sheba Foundation. Though he’s well past retiring age, he shows no signs of slowing down and enjoys working with and for his successful company. He’s a charitable CEO and unlike a lot of the company heads out there, it’s why so many people love working for OSO Group and Sheldon Lavin.

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Growing Crops and Entrepreneurship With Josh Smith, CEO of Modular Greenhouses

It was truly a thrilling day for High Desert Montessori School of Reno, Nevada. Josh Smith, CEO of Modular Greenhouses, donated a brand new greenhouse to the school as well as a local restaurant, Great Full Gardens Cafe. With the latest installment to the schools gardening program, the students are not learning how food is grown. With this new knowledge, they hope to teach the kinds also the responsibility of taking care of their own health and wellness.
Josh Smith also donated money to the gardening program. The area of Reno, Nevada does not seem to be known for much vegetation. So with this donation, the students now see how the area produce plants with the soil, seeds, and planters they purchased. Josh Smith wants to see every school in the county of Washoe with a greenhouse by the year 2020. In Reno, Nevada Modular Greenhouses set up a program for Washoe County to donate a greenhouse not just to every school but approved non-profit organizations as well.

Josh Smith is founder and CEO of Modular Greenhouses. He has a passion for making an impact and developed several start-ups in the wellness and self-sustaining technology fields. He is the co-designer/inventor of a greenhouse that once its set up will grow crops and manages itself via the technology set up. Believes his visions come from the daily pains and irritants of life. When he sees a problem big or small he tries to think of a solution. He saw how people enjoy fresh produce, but do not always have the green thumb necessary. Reno, Nevada is proud to have the new Modular Greenhouse help its people create and sustain their own homegrown produce.

Great Full Gardens Cafe through this initiative of Josh Smith is starting their own goal as well. The restaurant wants the students to become adept enough to grow a crop, and sell the food grown to the restaurant. This will offer not just the students, but the community at large an opportunity to dine on fresh homegrown products. Modular Greenhouses hopes to change how people handle crops.

Jay Z’ 10-year Epic Deal with Live Nation Comes to an End

The 10-year landmark deal that Jay Z signed with Live Nation in 2008 draws to an end. The landmark $150 million deal is one of the biggest contracts that the rap mogul has ever signed in his entire music career. He is sounding out various bigwigs in the music industry about being a stakeholder in the Roc Nation.

The 360 deal is up for grabs next year, and this might trigger a buy-sell scenario. That implies that any party can decide to sell their stake in Roc Nation to the other party or purchase the firm outright. According to recent reports, Live Nation anticipates to continue its profitable touring deal with the hip-hop star Jay Z, but the company is backing out of the recorded music side.

According to the reports from a music insider, the 360 deal with Live Nation will not be extended once it ends. The Live Nation has purchased the rights of its artists and recorded music. However, the company declined to extend any of those relationships. Note that the Live Nation does not participate in the business of purchasing recorded music. Some of the famous artists who have signed deals with Roc Nation include Jay Z, Rihanna, Fat Joe, Shakira, and Meek Mill.

However, the sources from Live Nation added that they have a long-enduring and lucrative touring relationship with the top hip-hop artist. Many stakeholders believe that Live Nation wants the relationship to continue for many years.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is a close business partner of the prominent rap mogul Jay Z. She has been working with Jay Z for almost two decades. Perez prides in her incredibly vast experience in running the SC enterprises. Her incredible tactics when it comes to calculations and her and fierce negotiation skills have helped her to prove that she is the sure bet for such a post.

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OSI Group Leads In Customer Relations

Most entrepreneurs in America understand that going global in business is not a walk in the park. The challenges of going global can be challenging, with most businesses having to deal with the in- availability of resources. It is, however, evident, that going global has many benefits as well. That is why at OSI Group, the management has been striving to come up with conclusive strategies for successful, global operations. The company operates globally, under the viable guidance of experienced leaders like David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin. OSI Group understands that it is important to cater for different cultures, in different cities.

Background information

OSI was launched over two decades ago. The company has been working with different suppliers in the meat-based industry of supplies. Being privately –held, OSI is managed by two main leaders, who have always ensured that clients are served beyond their expectations. OSI is a global food processor. The company partners with multiple, international companies that deal with foodservice in addition to retail brands. Often, OSI has been linked to international brands. One of these brands includes the Baho Foods manufacturing plant that the company acquired after a long term operation.

Profile of provided services

OSI Group values ethics. The company believes that clients are attracted to a company when there is good customer feedback. Towards that end, the company has a set of regulations to guard operations. These regulations often revolve around making sure that clients receive maximum support in terms of service delivery. Being a food supplying company, OSI has always ensured that the health standards of operations are acquired. OSI deals with business in a manner that offers solutions to clients.


OSI is passionate about entrepreneurship and leadership. The company thrives on the knowledge that the success of a business entirely relies on how customer relations are held. OSI has been opening branches in different parts of the world. This is a fact that directly roots from the company’s ability to promote client relations. Often, the company encourages team work and discipline , two factors that have continued to determine the operating parameters of the company.

At the operating core of the company, there is agility, a factor that induces curiosity and ethics in customer relations. OSI continues to thrive in excellence through its ability to develop strong entrepreneurial skills. The company is committed to transforming client’s ideas into success.

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Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny Pinpoints The Ultimate Anti-Aging Cheat Sheet

What connections do cancer and aging have in common? That’s exactly what Russian scientist, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny intends to find out. Aging is still one of the least understood phenomena of biology, however studies say it is the single most important risk factor for various diseases, such as cancer. Dr. Blagosklonny, an Oncologist, Hematology expert, and professor at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in New York, studies the physiological process of aging, including cell lifespan and how a certain drug, Rapaymycin, can delay the aging process.For years, Mikhail Blagosklonny has studied the impact of Rapamycin, and how it can heal and slow down aging. Clinical studies in mice confirmed the drug had a life-prolonging effect. It also slowed down the growth of cancerous tumors.

According to Blagosklonny, the drug Rapamycin is outstanding and doctors should consider the drug as a strategy to address a wide range of age-related diseases.The drug is an immunosuppressant, and primarily used for organ transplants because it boosts the immune system and can help prevent rejection of the organ. Doctors noticed that patients lived longer, when compared to those not taking the drug.There are a number of changes that occur with aging, like vision, function of the cardiovascular system, as well as the response of the immune’s response. Clinical trials have shown that Rapamycin can inhibit tumors and slow aging, and it doesn’t matter whether the drug is used in young or older mice.

Treat Disease or just Slow Aging?

Scientists like Mikhail Blagosklonny conclude that doctors should try to delay our biological aging, instead of treating one disease after another. Recent findings allude to the possibility of this scenario. Certain gene mutations increase the lifespan and delay age-related diseases. Rapamycin can extend our lifespan, and delay the onset of cancer. Blagosklonny says this is hope that by treating the basic processes of aging, we can use medicine to delay or even prevent a wide range of diseases. Clinician Scientist and professor, Mikhail Blagosklonny was always fascinated in science and understanding how things work. He obtained his B.S., M.D., and Ph.D. at the First Pavlov state Medical University of St. Petersburg. After medical school, and residency training, he accepted an associate professor position at New York Medical College. Seven years later, Blagosklonny moved on to Roswell Park Cancer Institute as professor of Oncology.Through research and experimentation, Mikhail Blagosklonny continues to pave the way for using Rapamycin as an anti-aging drug that also delays a wide range of age-related diseases.

OSI Group Continues To Expand Internationally

OSI Group is a food processing company that has been expanding internationally. In fact, the company recently made acquisitions throughout Europe, which included buying a controlling stake in Baho Food back in 20016. Baho Food has subsidiaries throughout the Netherlands and Germany and at the time OSI Group acquired them, they were providing food to 18 European countries.

Not only did OSI Group acquire Baho Food, but they purchased Flagship Europe in the same year. OSI Group took over Flagship Europe’s production of condiments, frozen poultry and pies. As a result, Flagship Europe will be able to purse new opportunities throughout Europe. OSI Group has also expanded to Spain and Germany.

About OSI Group

As previously mentioned, OSI Group is food processing company and its headquarters is based in Aurora, Illinois. The company initially opened as a family meat market in the city of Chicago back in 1909. The CEO of the company is Sheldon Lavin and the president is David McDonald. The company operates a number of subsidiaries that are based in Europe, China, the Philippines, India, Taiwan, as well as Canada and in the United States.

As for products and services, OSI Group offers custom food processing to their clients, and this includes fruits, meats, vegetables and various proteins. The company supplies items such as pizza, poultry, beef, pork, baked goods, seafood and produce to markets around the world. They supply much more than those too.

As a large company that employs thousands and thousands of people around the world, OSI Group are constantly looking to bring on new talent. In the United States alone, the OSI Group currently has over 50 job openings, which includes maintenance supervisor accountant positions, as well as production supervisors, safety internship and CDL drivers to name a few.

If you wish to learn more about OSI Group and about the products and services they offer, then feel free to visit their website. If you want to apply for a job with OSI Group, then you can view their website and check out the career section or search for job listings on third-party sites.

About OSI Group:

OSI Group’s Expansion, Locally and Internationally!

The Multi-billion dollar food manufacturing operation of OSI Group is currently taking action to continued expansion of its enterprise, globally. From home expansion to international expansion in Europe, OSI has valued plans to effectively provide its retailers better tasting and health conscience food quality, both as a natural and an organic, from premium to affordable selections.

OSI has partnered with food industry powerhouses, globally, to collaborate on cultural strategies for subjected expanded locations, in order to acquire distinct societal taste preferences. With this expansion, consumers are in for a more tailored food choice of significance.

This facility expansion plan includes 16 countries to operate in, especially throughout Europe. With its acquisition of Flagship Europe, OSI is now able to diversify their portfolio – including a UK food service supplier that entails a quality of popular products. Its frozen poultry, dip, marinade and sauce products, all contribute to the broader variety of selections to retailers for breakfast, lunch and dinner, steadily providing new and improved tastes to reward existing customers while gaining more. OSI will continue to consider new inclusions based on consumer voting.

A Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, decided to do business with OSI as well – Baho Food. This power move, adds to the increasing factor of OSI’s European expansion. There are 5 Baho plants which are established throughout Germany and Neverlands, serving 18 European countries.

OSI, during their expansion plan, holds firm to the belief that global companies are, “local in nature” and cannot run a “one-size-fits-all” business. This approach was put into effect, by OSI, in 1992 when the company decided to expand to China, a country whose culture and governmental regulations are completely divergent from those of the US. Global expansion success has always been entailed partially with local management who understands the society in which the international based business operates. OSI is headquarted in Aurora, Ill, but that doesn’t mean that such acquired food taste of Aurora is that of such country in which OSI expands. OSI understands this and capitalizes.

Expanding locally amidst the US is also a part of the expansion plan of OSI. With its acquirement of former Tyson’s food plant in Chicago, Ill for $7.4 million, recently, OSI is a 200,000 square foot plant facility richer for producing quality beef, vegetable and poultry products to its local retailers. This buy-out has helped a multitude of the 250 employees who have lost their job, to keep a job working where they thrive best – a food plant.

OSI Group is a food manufacturing company that has existed for more than a century, and very impactful in the process. Titled by Forbes as,”one of the world’s largest privately-owned companies”. If its ever a wonder as to if OSI is capable of expanding in such mentioned capacity, with success following, there is not too much time wasted on such ponder, as this multi-billion dollar company is a trusted establishment with the right strategic approach to successfully expand as it has for over a century. OSI is always seeking to provide its consumers with innovative food manufacturing that not only tastes fantastic, but is as good to the consumers health as a shepherd is to their sheep.

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