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Success Academy Initiates Strong Academic Foundations to Scholars with Special Needs

It is no secret that education is the foundation for a prosperous future and eventually the society. Education is a vital channel for acquiring knowledge and life skills. Although it solely begins at home, institutions offer a stable and resourceful environment for the facilitation of education. Such is the platform that Success Academy has provided for many students who can now invest in career advancement.


Success Academy was established in 2006. The charter of schools is among the highest performing schools in New York City. Success Academy does not discriminate against students and welcomes all races as well as children with special needs in addition to those who are not native English speakers. When it comes to the services Success Academy offers, it has diversified its capacity to the point of catering to over 14,000 students. The academy operates 41 schools across Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx. To better the education of most students, Success Academy has standardized costs that can accommodate 76% of students who come from low-income families. 8.5 % students are English learners and current speakers while 15% of the students have special needs.

Success Succeeds

As proof of the best provider of education in New York City, in 2016, approximately 29% of the students in Success Academy became good English speakers. 35% of the same students became math proficient. For the school, the rates of proficiency were 64% for English and 94% for math. Most of the Success students in poorly networked environments outshone kids from better networked and wealthy suburbs. According to the performance standards, had the network been single, Success Academy would be a top performer in a state of 3,560 schools.


From the point scholars are admitted to Success Academy in junior school, the management is committed to their success. Not only is the journey viable in elementary school but also in college and life. The group of schools operates as an open combined system. As students advance their study, teachers, as well as school leaders, synergize their efforts in developing each student’s academic potential as well as social and emotional welfare. This is initiated to ensure that students have a smooth transition in life and society. The management tailors their approach across all schools to educate scholars on the benefits of knowledge as well as critical thinking.