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Be Bold and Healthy With Hippeas

hippeas in a line hippeas

It is becoming a new trend to take better care of your body and treat your health as a high priority. Lots of people want to see themselves eating more organic and whole foods. However, everyone is different. Some do it for one reason, some for another. When Livio Bisterzo (an Italian entrepreneur who lives in Los Angeles) decided to offer a healthy snack made of organic chickpea puffs called Hippeas, he knew he was on to great things.

In 2015 Bisterzo launched his new business Green Park Holdings which specialized in innovative snacks with an organic twist. Green Park was intended to appeal to the social and health conscious customers of today. When Livio invented this new and stylish, healthy snack, he had more than one goal in mind. Livio stated that he wanted to create a product that was affordable, better for the consumer, and at a premium grade. But that’s not all, the CEO also believes that you can have a snack that “tastes good” and “do good” at the same time.

What do you think? Are you presently undecided about whether you ought to try this new delicious sensation or not? To assist you and to put things in focus, consider these three points in favor:

Supporting Farmers In East Africa

When Bisterzo said “do good” he could have been referring to Hippeas partnering with Farm Africa, which thoughtfully supports chickpea farmers in East Africa. By supporting farmers, he will be contributing to the natural process of growth. Guaranteeing that his products will remain gluten free and all vegan.

Packed With Nutrients

Or maybe “do good” is a statement focusing primarily on the snack and how it is packed with nutrients, fiber, and 3 grams of protein. Not to mention Hippeas have only 100 calories a serving and are gluten free. Call that a deal any day.

At Over 75,000 Locations In U.S.

Either way, this delicious snack is a brand new addition to Starbucks and is available at over 75,000 places in the United States. And now you have the opportunity to enjoy a fresh hot cup of coffee with a 100 calorie snack at your convenience.

If accessibility, healthy living, and a bold new flavor is what you want, then Hippeas is the snack for you.