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Dr. Waldne Makes a Name and Then Comes Home

The people that succeed in their field are actually small in number. However, the amount of people that actually influence their field in a very powerful way are even fewer. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of those that have actually made a huge influence in her field. There is a way that she has managed to do that. This is in being very passionate about what she is. Because she is so passionate about cosmetic surgery, she has taken the time to study and do her own research in order to find methods that make the procedure a lot better for the patients.


She has studied in Austin and then moved to New York in order to study at the Manhattan location for cosmetic surgery. She has then went on after her fellowship to start her own practice in New York. She has shown so much innovation that she has found herself serving on the board of directors of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She is in fact one of the women that have been on the board of directors as of yet. She has won plenty of awards as a surgeon and even got published as an author.


After a while, Walden has decided to return home to Austin so that she could be with her family. She has opened up an office in Austin Texas so that she can bring her methods and her practices to her hometown. She is also better able to raise her children while she is working as a cosmetic surgeon. One of the most important aspects of her is that she is a mother. As a mother, she will be able to raise her children and teach them how to succeed in whatever field that they choose. It takes more than just doing the bare minimum. One has to be willing to go above and beyond.