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Alex Pall: Building His Hollywood Dream House

Alex Pall is the one of the halves of the Electronic Dance Duo, The Chainsmokers along with his partner in creating mad music – Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers were first known for their first chart topper, and viral worldwide song “#Selfie”. The electronic dance craze song put the The Chainsmokers on the music map and made them a staple name for electronic dance music. The dynamic DJ duo are no strangers to reeling awards and topping charts – some of their massive hits include “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”.

With the success of the duo comes a lot of financial inflow, of course. The royalties will always cash in and this will keep Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart in a very comfortable lifestyle in more of the years to come.

Everyone dreams of having their own home. Moreover, a lot of us dream of living the Hollywood life and having a home right at the city of stars. For Alex Pall, this is no longer a dream, but already a reality.

Recently, Alex Pall has already built his dream home in Hollywood Hills and he has tapped one of the most popular designers to help him build his dream home – the one and only Peti Lau.

The grammy-award winning artist’s home is a nod to his hippy personality and his bright and energetic music. His home is nothing but luxurious – his home is described as a home defined by his moments – and Peti Lau made sure that all the features of the home were in direct reflection of who Alex Pall was – the fixtures, colorways, paintings and functions of every room were so well thought of and so aesthetically curated down to the finest, tiniest detail that it was very difficult to nitpick a mistake out of it.

Needless to say, the Chainsmokers, the Grammy award winning duo – Alex Pall and Andrew Taggard are yet to approach their full bloom and the future is brightest for the two. Alex Pall with his dream home is now officially living the dream of the Hollywood life – and right now every one is just excited for what is to come for the duo.

The Darker Era of the Chainsmokers

Having been on the music scene for a considerable amount of time now, The Chainsmokers is a name you should be familiar with, even if you have never heard their music. First breaking onto the music scene in 2015 when their single “Roses” passed into the top 100, the following couple of years saw them release song after song, all of which end up earning high amounts of airtime.

In the beginning, The Chainsmokers started out as being simple hobbyists. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart seem to have lived very similar lives even before they met. Both were very interested in producing music and DJing; it wasn’t until after their introduction that they began to see the possibility of making it to the “big time.” The first notable song that they released was “#Selfie,” which earned its place more for its comedic value (even though it didn’t make it onto the music charts), rather than any aspect of the song musically. What “#Selfie” did do was get the name The Chainsmokers out there.

The years following that first release has seen many releases by the duo, as stated above. The majority of those songs have been fairly similar as far as the store they convey. According to Alex Pall, their target audience has influenced the kind of music they have written thus far, and in keeping with that idea and as their fan base expands, the tone of their music is changing.

From a duo that typically releases a new song every month or two, the past nine months have seen The Chainsmokers turn rather reclusive. Taggart and Pall say that this period has been a sort of “growing period” for them, as they attempt to hone their music and tailor their next releases to that original fan base. It seems fitting to them that with the state of the world now, their music goes in the direction that the world has. This is why their next releases will be darker in nature, a reflection of the world they live in.

Two famous rappers contrast the latest shocking celebrity deaths


There are tons of young musical talents with hit songs already. Here is a list of two rappers that are famous and what they are known for:


1) Lil Yachty also known as Lil Boat


This talented 19-year-old rapper also has one of the coolest rapper names, has quickly grown in popularity after his popular song “One Night” which made him famous. Lil Yachty is one of the youngest rappers enter the game. His song “One Night” has been played over 35 million times on Soundcloud and more than 25 million times on Spotify.


2) Kodak Black


Kodak Black is another young rapper (also 19) who has quickly grown to be one of the most popular young rappers. He was featured in French Montana’s song “Lockjaw” which was wildly popular. It appeared in the top 25 of Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Drake has helped him gain popularity after showing clips of him dancing to his songs. The problem is his addiction to drugs.


And of course as somebody new is rising up, there are those that are exiting the world.  Unfortunately there are some old famous people that have passed away in the last five years:


1) Prince


We lost Prince in 2016. He was popular for his musical talents, singing and crazy dance moves. His death was an unexpected drug overdose.


2) Muhammad Ali


The widely popular gold-medalist boxing champion was considered one of the greatest to ever step into the boxing rink. We lost Ali in 2016. He was also a civil rights activist helping others get better.


3) Christina Grimmie


Poor Christina was so young when she died. The Voice graduate was just 22-years-old.