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Putting Integrity Back In Politics

As we enter into our first full year of the Trump Administration, many Americans have become disillusioned about the status quo of our election system. News stories about other countries interfering our election process make headlines daily. Robert Mueller, a Special Counsel leading the probe, has already uncovered over $100,000 spent in campaign advertisements in the 2016 election. This trend can only seemingly worsen as the investigations continue.

Many lay the blame of the current political scene at the feet of lax campaign finance laws. In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled that donations were “speech” and could not be regulated or suppressed. This decision opened the floodgates for subsequent elections. Powerful, wealthy donors contributed billions of dollars and with these big donations, came powerful expectations.

Americans all across the country feel helpless to stop this unfair practice. These Americans are forming groups to fight back. DISCLOSURE Act, and End Citizens United are two of these groups who are making progress in the fight against the corruption. ECU was started in 2015 in direct response to the Supreme Court decision and the increasing unrest about the integrity of our elections.

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End Citizens United is a grassroots, non-profit Political Action Committee. They are dedicated to bringing change by supporting like minded candidates who will fight for reform when they are elected. ECU emphasizes that we must change things from an institutional sense. The numbers show that these groups are supported by the American people with End Citizens United posting $4 million dollars raised by the beginning of this year. Predictions say that the group hopes to raise $35 million by the 2018 midterms.

The simple truth is that hardworking American voters cannot outspend the donors taking advantage of the loopholes in our current system. It is only through banding together with like minded candidates that true change will happen. The disenfranchised middle class has not always had a voice in Washington. With the interference from other countries, much less obscenely low regulations in the election finance system, Americans have little power.

The ultimate goal of the End Citizens United and other similar groups is to overturn the Supreme Court decision and restore integrity and fairness to the elections. They are a strong social media presence which is finally giving the average American a voice. As these groups continue to grow and support candidates who favor election finance reform, there does seem to be hope for true and lasting changes.

So, as we hear our daily report of who leaked to who and what countries have targeted us, it is still possible to make a difference. One voice banded with a million more voices will be heard. We have to take back our politics and live up to the ideals America is founded on.

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