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Felipe Montoro Jens: The Financial Industry Master

Felipe Montoro Jens makes his name as a successful financial expert in Brazil. He is primarily noted as a consultant and infrastructure projects professional in his country, Brazil. Felipe Montoro Jens also enjoys advising PPP (Public Private Partnerships), which is a business arrangement for the private industry and the Government of Brazil.

The respected financial expert has worked with Enel Group S.P.A’s project where he served at the development & structured finance department. Simply put, Felipe Montoro Jens is privileged to work with quite a number of giant companies in his career, taking of Paulo Oliveiro De Melo, and Luciano NitriGuidolin. The ambitious man has greatly benefited from his extensive working experience; he is an identified figure when it comes to infrastructure.

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In Brazil, Felipe Montoro Jens controls numerous positions on multiple different companies’ boards. He does not only work as a consulting expert, but he also holds leadership positions at the:

  • ConcesionariaTravase Olmos & H2olmos
  • Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo
  • ArboreolandEmpreendimentosImobiliarios, Chairman.
  •  Fonte Nova Negocios e Participaçoes S.A, Director.
  • Empresa de Generación Huallaga S.A.
  • ConcessionariaInteroceanica Sur Tramo 3 S.A, Executive Officer.
  • ConcessionariaInteroceanica Sur Tramo 2
  • AC Energia SA

The financial Industry master embarked on his career education in 1998. He enrolled at Oregon University. Later on, same year, Felipe Montoro Jens moved to the UC Santa Barbra. All the same, he holds a Spanish & History bachelor’s degree, Kinesiology & Health Promotion masters degree, Business Administration degree from the FundaoGetlio Vargas as well as a business Administration post-graduate degree from the American Garvin School.

Felipe Montoro Jens typical day starts with breakfast, gym, and then work. At work, he directs a minimum of 1 to 2 conferences with partners, financial institutions, external meetings, internal meetings, or potential investors. What excites entrepreneur Felipe is life, healthy foods, and informal dressing.

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Gareth Henry and the Fortress Investment Group’s Top 3 Countries of 2014

At a hedge fund conference called the Alpha Hedge West conference that took place in 2014, Gareth Henry shared his opinion and the Fortress Investment Group’s opinion as to which three countries will be great investments. It turns out that Mr. Gareth Henry and the Fortress Investment Group thinks that they are Brazil, Japan, and Scotland. Of the three countries, Mr. Henry sees Brazil being the country to invest in in the year of 2014 for one principle reason. This reason being an anticipated Brazilian market rally following the defeat of the incumbent Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s re-election bid for another presidential term in office. With regard to Japan, Gareth Henry sees continued profits for investors in 2014 as the government economic programs implemented by Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe known as Abenomics will be turned up in intensity in 2014. With regard to Scotland, Mr. Henry sees the opportunities available in Scotland highly profitable to investors. To know more about him click here.

The Fortress Investment Group is a publicly owned and traded company, whose stock ticker symbol is “FIG” in the New York Stock Exchange. The firm was founded in the year of 1998, by Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. Gareth Henry, the executive who was send by the Fortress Investment Group to the 2014 Alpha Hedge West conference, is a professional investor who joined the firm in the year of 2007 as a managing director. Mr. Henry holds two actuarial mathematics degrees, one he acquired from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and another first-class honors degree that he acquired from the Heriot Watt University. Gareth Henry also holds membership in two societies of actuaries, one in the United Kingdom (the Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries) and another one in the United States (in the Fellow of Society of Actuaries).

The Master Skills Paul Mampilly Has In Cryptocurrency

Paul Mampilly is a cryptocurrency expert. He went to Montclair State University where he studied accounting and finance. He has a master’s in Business Administration. With his knowledge in the financial industry, he can predict the future of cryptocurrency and alert the investors when a fall in the market is likely to come. Paul is not sure when the fall will happen, but he knows it’s soon. He senses this based on the current market trends and the rise of the new coins in the market. He says it was unfortunate that the investors incurred losses in 1999, when the stock market depreciated.

Companies that had significantly invested in the market collapsed, and new investors came in. From 1999 up to now, no fall has happened since then. Recently, Paul Mampilly predicted a fall of stock in the market and he cautioned people to consider withdrawing some of the money the money they have invested in the industry. He advises people to observe the stock market on a daily basis to see how it works. This way, one will know when the fall is about to happen. Paul notes that when the prices appreciate, the market share increases as well, and at the same time, the stock market can fall.

The owner of Templeton Foundation sold out all his stock that time, and hence did not incur any loss. Afterward, he started observing the stock market as it rose. Apparently, in 2001, the market did not change. It remained low, and those who sold their stock at that particular time experienced major loses. People who have invested wisely in the cryptocurrency business are very wealthy today. Paul Mampilly says there is need to understand the cryptocurrency business before engaging in it. This way, one will know when it’s time to invest and the time to withdraw.

Paul continues to say that Ethereum and bitcoin can fall anytime, and the investors should start withdrawing their money from the industry. It has resulted to this because of the many investors in the market who are not willing to invest in other coin. Instead, they prefer spending money on the one trending in the market. An obseervation from Paul Mampilly shows that the currencies that have not risen will probably rise when the Giants go down.

Tony Petrello Perpetuates the Spirit of Kindness

Tony Petrello is the president and the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, an oil drilling company based in Hamilton. The company is the world’s largest geothermal and natural gas contractor. Anthony has significantly contributed to the success of Nabors industries since he joined the company in 1991. The natural resources company was founded in 1968 and started as Anglo Energy Ltd. He joined the company as the chief operating officer, and since then, he has held other prestigious positions in the firm. In 2003, he was appointed as the president, and later on elected as the deputy chairman of Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello became the chief executive officer of Nabors industry in 2011 and served in this role diligently. Through hard work, he has led the company to successful endeavors and has been regarded as one of the best CEOs in the nation. He has also been working as the chairman of the board of directors of Nabors since 2012. Tony Petrello is an alumnus of the Yale University where he studied a bachelor of science degree in mathematics. Tony is a mathematics genius and since he was in primary school, he excelled in mathematics and calculus. After pursuing mathematics, he joined the Harvard University, school of law where he graduated with a jurisdiction degree.

Tony Petrello began career journey in 1979 when he joined the Baker & McKenzie law firm as a managing partner of the firm’s office in New York. He serves as the director of Hilcorp Energy Company, Stewart & Stevenson LLC, and He currently chairs the board of directors of the Texas Children Hospital, a research clinic focusing on children with neurological disorders.

Tony Petrello is also popularly known for propelling the acts of kindness. Although he has spent his life helping in the nation, Anthony’s philanthropic efforts grew after the birth of his premature daughter Carena. Carena was born prematurely at six months, and this made her develop Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL). PVL is a common disorder in premature babies due to lack of enough oxygen supply to their brains. The neurological disorder affects the motor skills and manifests itself to cerebral palsy. Tony and his wife Cynthia have devoted their resources to find the cure for their daughter’s condition. The couple donated $5 million to the Texas Children Hospital. Anthony Petrello also leads Nabors Industries to philanthropic causes. During the Hurricane Harvey that devastated the Houston community, most of the Nabors company employees were affected. Tony gave the victims paid leave days to recover from the strike.

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The Impact of Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is a billionaire entrepreneur who has made a name for himself across the globe. Considered a real estate expert, he is most known for his company DAMAC Properties. Through DAMAC, Sajwani has worked with some of the biggest names and brands across the world. Sajwani has also built a relationship with current US president Donald Trump. He continues to work to expand and improve his real estate empire.


Hussain Sajwani is the product of humble beginnings. Sajwani’s father was an entrepreneur who worked his own shop selling watches and other goods. Hussain learned early about the value of hard work. He soon worked his way to a government scholarship and from there went on to earn a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics from the University of Washington.


Sajwani’s business career began in the early 1980’s when he worked in the finance department in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries. It was in 2002 that he established his own company DAMAC, one of the biggest and most successful property companies in the Middle East. The company is responsible for some well known projects including a Tiger Woods golf course and luxury apartments that include products from brands like Versace and Fendi, and Bugatti. DAMAC Properties has also worked with Paramount Hotels and Resorts.


Hussain Sajwani has the opportunity to develop a relationship with another well known person in real estate: current US President Donald Trump. The two real estate giants recently celebrated New Year’s Eve together. They have already worked together a number of projects including the Trump International Golf Club. Sajwani is hoping to enhance this partnership to produce future collaborations. Donald Trump is currently not conducting business while working a US President, however Sajwani has built and maintained a relations with all three of his children, Ivanka and sons Eric and Donald Jr.


Hussain Sajwani has earned a number of awards during his career as a businessman. These include Property CEO of the Year in 2017 and The Real Estate Legend Award. Sajwani is also known for his philanthropic efforts. In 2013 he gave more than two million dollars to a campaign dedicated to clothing deprived children around the world. His work has made an impact across the globe and should continue doing so for many years to come.

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Hussain Sajwani Hosts Wedding Party For His Daughter

DAMAC owner Hussain Sajwani had a joyous occasion not long ago when he and his family celebrated his daughter Amira’s wedding. Amira has had a secondary executive role at her father’s real estate firm, and this event is yet another milestone for her and the family. Distinguished guests including Dubai’s royal family were in attendance at the wedding, and also coming over from the US were President Trump’s two sons Donald Jr. and Eric. President Trump himself couldn’t be there for the wedding, but Sajwani was delighted to see Eric and Donald Jr., and the two even paid a visit to the Trump International Golf Club which DAMAC Properties and the Trump Organization jointly own. Sajwani has a great relationship with the Trumps not only through real estate deals but even on a personal level with both families having visited each others’ homes over the years.


Hussain Sajwani earned his bachelor’s in business at the University of Washington in 1978 and worked at a large oil drilling company in Abu Dhabi as a contracts manager for a few years. His first business he ran on his own was a catering company that distributed food across the world, and he would later merge it into his real estate business. Sajwani’s real estate business started by buying a few smaller hotels in Deira, but as the market grew he began looking to build 5-star luxury properties.


DAMAC Properties was begun in 2002 and the first large first class housing lot was finished in 2005. Hussain Sajwani has not only brought the Trump brand to his properties over the years, but he also has had his buildings done by brands like Versace, Bugatti and Cavalli. One of his largest freehold unit properties in DAMAC’s portfolio is AKOYA Oxygen which is where one of Trump’s golf courses is located in the middle of. He also has had a city within a city built in Dubai’s AYKON City district where DAMAC Maison is located. Sajwani also owns Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles and DICO Investments, a private equity firm. He recently took DAMAC Properties public with shares traded on the London Stock Exchange and the Muscat Exchange.

UTC is the Giant to Beat

The party was an amazing place to attend. The spirits were high and the other kind of spirits flowed freely in the people’s glasses. Champagne was had and cigars were smoked. This was a celebration of the long reign of United Technologies Corporation’s leading chief executive officer.

This party was all about celebrating the achievements of Louis Chenevert. Louis Chenevert was able to take the stock of this company and raise it from $37 a share to $115 a share by the time he stepped down. He was able to grow the company’s net worth to $63 billion. He was also able to hire more workers and expand more factories during a time when the entire industry was facing a great recession.

Once the party was over, Louis Chenevert returned to his office. As he stared out the window watching the guest return to their cars, he began to think of the things he did that allowed United Technologies Corporation to thrive. While his deeds and accomplishments were many, it all really boiled down to just three things.

Louis Chenevert was able to help stabilize the company by decreasing the costs. When he arrived at the United Technologies Corporation he saw the spending was completely out of control. Just by adhering to environmental regulations and stopping needless transport goods he was able to save the company $250 million within five years. He reinvested that money into grow and training.

He also helped the company by making it adhere the industry regulations imposed by both the United States of America and Canada. By making the railways more safe, he got the company away from paying needless government fines.

He also knew that the United Technologies Corporation could not survive the great recession if they continued selling his current products. In order to compete in this difficult time, they would need to acquire other businesses and use their profits to keep United Technologies Corporation afloat. He purchased Goodrich, Otis, and Pratt & Whitney. This gave United Technologies corporations multiple stable contracts in the government, military, and private sectors.

Malcolm Casselle: A Digital Pioneer of the Modern Era

The Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), is a decentralized platform that enables consumers to manage virtual commerce across a plethora of online video games. Simplifying the overall process of virtual exchange, by creating a more readily available economy, this platform allows for the encouragement of small business and successful trading; the exchange of virtual assets like skins for weapons, armor, and power ups, is already a billion-dollar industry, further exemplifying the potential importance of WAX.
As the president of WAX, Malcolm Casselle is a successful entrepreneur, and he is also the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins, the largest marketplace of Steam skins. Prior to his successful career in the digital world, Malcom Casselle achieved a bachelor’s degree from MIT and a master’s degree from Stanford University, both in Computer Science. Casselle has led various startups, ranging from MediaPass to Xfire, and he was also involved with a Groupon joint venture in China; Malcolm fluently speaks both Mandarin and Japanese, which makes his efforts abroad especially significant. In addition to his work in China, from 2006-2013, he managed investments into the development of web companies in Hong Kong. Also in this region, Casselle was able to co-found Pacific Century CyberWorks (PCCW, a Hong Kong based information and communications technology company that operates all across the globe and has an estimated value of over $35 billion.
It is evident that Malcolm Casselle is one of the most influential and prominent individuals in an era of digital transactions and virtual currencies. Casselle continues to develop and manage companies that are changing the way in which people interact with their digital assets. With his efforts, the online gaming community is especially grateful for Casselle’s ability to create essential platforms that decentralize power from specific gaming companies, giving more of that trading power to the individual gamer themselves. In a world full of greed and corruption, it appears as if Malcolm Casselle actually cares about the communities that have given him his own wealth.

Successful Career of Paul Mampilly as a Financial and Investment Expert

In the past, Paul Mampilly spent over 20 years as a hedge fund manager. During that time, he worked with big companies like Kinetics International, ING and Deutsche Bank. However, Paul Mampilly got tired of helping supper rich individuals make more money, and he decided to quit Wall Street. At one time, Mampilly was the winner of an investment award organized by the Templeton Foundation. He received the honor after raising an investment from $50 million to $88 million during the financial crisis of 2008/2009.

In 2016, Paul Mampilly started Profits Unlimited after joining Banyan Hill Publishing. His main objective was to help everyday American access broad investment opportunities with high returns. His venture, Profits Unlimited has 60,000 subscribers. Paul Mampilly uses the newsletter to recommend a new stock to his subscribers on weekly basis. Paul does not invest the subscribers’ capital, but instead he has offered them a new and innovative alternative of buying stocks using their own accounts.

According to Paul Mampilly, investors should always know that there is always a risk involved when buying a stock. However, long-term investors significantly reduces that risk because stock markets in the United States keep shifting up and down, explains Mampilly. Profits Unlimited aims to help short-term investors with small-loss strategy because they are prone to risks. Therefore, Mampilly advises his subscribers through the newsletter to develop a strategy to stop loss at a maximum of 8 percent.

Paul Mampilly’s Career Background

Paul joined Wall Street in 1991 where he worked at Bankers Trust as its assistance portfolio manager. Later he joined Deutsche Bank and later ING, where he operated accounts with millions of dollars. In 2006, Mampilly was hired by Kinetics Asset Management to manage its hedge fund. When Paul joined the firm, it had $6 billion asset under management, and under his tenure, it increased tremendous to $25 billion. This hedge fund was recognized by Barron’s because it attained an average annual return of 26 percent under the leadership of Paul Mampilly.

During an interview on Ideamensch, Paul explained that his ideas are made a reality after very many hours of extensive research with his team. He explains that the stock he suggests to his subscribers has gone through a process of between 50 to 70 hours. His newsletters are easy to read, analyze and understand, and it is one of the reasons why many people have joined Profits Unlimited.

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José Auriemo Neto Excels as the Leader of JHSF

JHSF is a major name in the land business in Brazil yet the organization had humble beginnings. The organization was set up by two siblings, Fabio and Jose Robert with two different accomplices in the year 1972. Through the diligent work of the accomplices and its representatives, the organization has turned into the pioneer in the focused business in only a couple of decades and keeps on setting new benchmarks for different organizations too.

JHSF is known for its inventive and current land arrangements. The organization was the first to set up a green working in the nation. In 2011, they set up a sumptuous private working with the name of Vitra, which was ecologically cordial and has green highlights which none of the other land organizations figured out how to adjust. The organization is likewise known for finding new open doors with the business and tolerating new difficulties. In 2014, the organization entered the lodging business with its initially significant task being the Hotel Fasano. From that point forward, the organization purchased numerous different lodgings and eateries in the nation. Gradually, the organization is concentrating on growing its land portfolio also by entering the abroad market of New York, Miami, and Punta Del Estate. To know more about JHSF click here.

JHSF couldn’t have succeeded the way it did if not for its present official executive, Mr. Neto. He was the CEO of the organization since 2003 and his understanding and involvement in the business has been useful for the organization. Aside from adding lavish lodgings to the arrangement of the organization, it has administered the greater part of the significant ventures that the organization has attempted including the shopping centers at Salvador and Manaus. With the interest for present day shopping centers developing, the organization has as of late been associated with the improvement of other comparative tasks in Sao Paulo.

Mr. Neto finished his graduation from one of the best colleges in Brazil, Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado University or FAAP as it is prominently known as. In 2016, the organization sold its dead resource that enabled it to raise $461 million that the organization needs to use for facilitate extension of its business. The organization is assessed to have an aggregate market estimation of #3.7 billion.