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Chris Burch – CEO of Burch Creative Capital


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Chris Burch is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He has risen to be a noteworthy businessman and make some great deals, for example, partnering up with Ellen DeGeneres to launch a lifestyle brand. Burch has over 40 years of experience in business and investing, having worked for many different successful companies like hotels and other businesses, source ( The idea for his brand, Creative Capital, came out of constant studying and knowledge. Chris Burch typically mentions that he does not have a typical day as each one is different with him either traveling the world or going to meetings or getting updates on his companies. He brings ideas to life by having a good team around him and through a strong belief in seeing the potential and bringing that out, get more information on Burch appreciates that more and more people are chasing experiences instead of belongings and believes his best trait as an entrepreneur knows who people are. The entrepreneur looks back on an early experience of working in construction at a young age after his father put him in and realizing the value of a dollar with the tough manual labor.

Chris Burch does believe that listening is an important aspect of being a businessman and would tell his younger self to follow his dreams. Chris Burch then explains that people need to take risks to achieve success and must not worry about failures because that is all a part of it. However, people need to learn from their mistakes and reflect upon it. The CEO recommends people read a novel called BOLD, written by Peter Diamandis and that the best 100 dollars he has ever spent were on two dozen baseball caps. Chris Burch also enjoys listening to podcasts in his free time. He ends the interview describing two people that have influenced him and that he looks up to in Ellen DeGeneres with how she connects to an audience and a friend named Steve Ross who has a lot of creativity and a great mind for business.