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Entrepreneurial tips to look out for from Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin, the chief executive officer of OSI Group, is also the president of the meat company. He has over the past years led to the tremendous growth of the company, which has lately launched some new branches. He has helped ensure that the company produces quality meat, which is up to standard to cater for all their customer needs. Sheldon started the success of his career by helping finance the Otto and sons which later evolved to the now OSI Group, which grew into both a local and international company.

Sheldon was awarded the India`s Vision World Academy Award as an appreciation for real leadership and amendable work he does at the enterprise. Besides, he also received the Lifetime Visionary Award in 2015, and as a result, he is always honored for the recognition and is highly committed towards the welfare of the company and its employees. The company has also received a series of environmental and other awards under the leadership of Sheldon, a proof of his amendable skills to bring out the best from the venture.

Sheldon Lavin still committed to continuing with his entrepreneurship career and has a passion for giving back to the community. He targets to keep developing the company and increase its profits. Besides, the company employs close to twenty thousand employees per year, and this has greatly helped to curb unemployment. Sheldon believes in the art of innovation and says that it was through invention and creativity of new things that he helped OSI Group rise into the big company it is today. He, therefore, encourages all entrepreneurs always to be ready for a change and look out for new ideas to implement them in their business for a remarkable growth. Sheldon is also married with three children and loves his family.

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The Role of Salvi Viadero at Grupo Televisa

     The media landscape in Mexico was defined by only a handful of companies. Some of the major media companies in the country include Evoga Entertainment, Grupo Reforma, Grupo Televisa, and Grupo CIE. Cinemex also has a subsidiary in operation and is based in Mexico City. Grupo Televisa and TV Azteca have focused on more traditional reporting. They have left investigative journalism to other players in the space. Grupo Televisa is the largest media company in Mexico by far. The company is also ranked highly among the biggest companies in all categories in the country. The multi-media company has a huge presence in Latin America. It is a major producer of Hispanic content. Grupo Televisa has a market capitalization of $15 billion today.

Its success can be attributed to its chief financial officer known as Salvi Rafael Viadero. He is based at the main offices of the company in Mexico City. Viadero became affiliated with Televisa when he was appointed to the board of directors in April of 2002. Rafael Viadero served as the vice president of the National Banking and Securities Commission during the early stages of his career. He started out as the CFO of Comercio Mas de CV before taking on the role of CEO. He joined the Grupo Televisa as the vice president of Financial Planning. He was promoted to VP of Finance and Administration after serving in this position for various years.

Viadero was named the director of Innova S in 2002. He is also the independent director of Consorcio ARA. He has served on the boards of several companies over the course of his career. These companies include Miami Holdings, FS Unit 3007, Mercado Mexicano, and Mexder. The performance of the enterprise with him as the CFO led him to be recognized as one of the top executives in Mexico. Viadero has had a long successful career working in the financial industry. This is what has contributed to his success.

Tony Petrello is one of the wealthiest and most powerful businessmen in the United States. This did not happen by accident. He has spent many decades building a career that few other professional can match. He started his career in 1979 working as a corporate lawyer in New York City. He also dabbled in taxation law. He worked his way up the ladder at the law firm of Baker and McKenzie to eventually become a senior partner. He was one of the most respected legal minds in the city. However, Tony was becoming restless in his position at the company. He wanted to have other challenges in his career.

A spectacular opportunity was presented to Tony Petrello  in 1991. He was offered one of the top positions at Nabors Industries. This company is the biggest land-based oil production company in the world. The company has a revenue of more than $6 billion in 2014. Needless to say, Tony jumped at the chance to play a big role in such a huge company. He quickly handed in his resignation at the law firm. It did not take very long for Tony to take over the role of President of the entire company.

Petrello’s strategy helped Nabors become even more successful than they already were. This made the Board of Directors approve Petrello to the position of Chief Executive Officer. He has thrived in this role. He is now one of the highest paid executives in the world. He currently lives in the Houston area.

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VTA Publications: The Little-Known Financial Knowledge Source Started By Jim Hunt


VTA Publications is a company not too well-known in the big financial circles, but they like to keep it that way. It’s a place that offers what they call “distance learning courses,” though certainly not in the traditional institutional sense of those words. Instead, it is geared primarily towards the self-taught and ambitious person who wants to learn about investing and taking charge of their money without the banks or brokers interfering with their decisions. The topics covered in their material are taken from timeless sources.


VTA Publications has free articles that give information on retiring, but would you believe it’s taken from the bible? Yes, it’s true the bible has more financial information available in it than you probably knew. And if you think learning how to trade stocks and read the charts is difficult, VTA has information on the subject to simplify it and help you get started. And if you want even more information on investing and starting up a business, you can read their little-known futures options booklet. In addition to material that they’ve produced, there are also recorded seminars on business and investing taken from renowned business experts that you can order at


But if you think this company is special, the man who started the company is even more so. This man is Jim Hunt, a nice and friendly man but one who has put forth some audacious plans. Hunt has done a lot of research into investing and various industries and he’s made it his life’s mission to share the wealth he’s gleaned with his followers, even if the government and big banks don’t want them to know about it. In addition to starting VTA Publications, Hunt has also produced YouTube videos in which he takes you through step-by-step processes in reading stock charts and executing trades at different times. But he’s also started two programs that have gathered attention.

Jim Hunt first started “Wealth Wave,” a secret to making money even when it seems the market is due for a loss. He says the key to this secret is making two phone calls at the right time. His second program is “Making Mum a Millionaire,” a method he says can be done in just 10 trades if you know the right stocks to do it with.

David Osio on Philanthropy

David Osio, the business magnate of Venezuelan origin, founder, and chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group, has been helping communities around the world by supporting the arts and the scientific community.

Since Osio founded Davos Financial Group and companies in 1993, he and his financial firm have been standing for social responsibility. For decades, he has been helping and sponsoring organizations, and he has been especially impacting communities in which he does business. For example, he has been donating to the Miami Symphony Orchestra, a community representative of Florida’s culture. Osio once was a board member of this foundation; thus, this organization is dear to his heart. According to Osio, this foundation has brought a lot of joy to Floridians for years.

After being involved in different industries, businesses, and firms, he established Davos Financial Group, the first of its kind in Venezuela, firm dedicated in helping a specific clientele in regards to financial advice. Thanks to Osio’s business acumen, creativity, and knowledge in business law, Davos Financial Group has obtained extraordinary amounts of revenue. Davos Financial Group has also expanded considerably, and there are independent and licensed businesses in the United States and Switzerland.

Osio has been sponsoring local and international organizations for years. The businessman is known, for instance, of helping scientific communities across the globe. He is especially fond of the The Children’s Orthopedic Foundaiton. According to Osio, funding medical research for children is crucial. Personally, he is dissatisfied with the amount of funding such field of research has received. He hopes that in the future more affluent individuals will join in the cause. Osio has also been helping the Wayuu Taya Foundation, Uma Foundation, and Fundana Foundation. Osio also cares about the arts, and he recently supported the Saludarte Foundation of Art, which is located in Miami. Carlos Cruz Dies was recently starred at this foundation.

Osio has a lot of experience in business law, banking, and in alternative investments. He started his journey as president and chief executive officer at OPED Enterprise. Here, he dealt with coffee exports. He, soon after working for this business, held an executive position in LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES. Here, he managed and structured marketing programs that dealt with American markets. In 1984, he join a law firm in Caracas, Venezuela, known as GMO. When working for this firm, he dealt with very prestigious clients, such as Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. Osio studied law a the Catholic University of Andres Bello, and he pursued advanced studies at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Administration, focusing on banking and international law.

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The Expertise of David Osio and How it Aids the Local Community Today

Financial advisor David Osio, is changing the world one community at a time as he continues to contribute to good causes. Many of the causes are educational in nature, and Osio continues to contribute in every way he can. As a financial advisor, Osio has an edge with the community. While he is working with organizations within the community to plan for a better future and help them manage their funds, he is also interested in what he can do to help them continue their endeavors.

Developing business isn’t the only thing that Osio develops. He’s great at developing relationships as he continues to support the arts, music, and even medical research. Osio has been an influential individual in the financial community, but more than that he is a huge supporter of the businesses he is working with too.

Osio has never forgotten that it’s all about the people and that his endeavors span the globe. As a result, Osio strives to serve people in a philanthropic capacity. It all starts with the community, and working locally is important before he does anything globally. Osio has most recently been recognized for his continual support of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and he has been a board member as well.

As the CEO of Davos Financial Group, Osio knows that the community is always watching and listening. This is one of the reasons why he is so passionate about a local activity like the orchestra. He notes that they are “iconic”, and locally an orchestra means a lot. It could turn into a family event for many or it could be therapeutic in the eyes of those who frequently choose to attend.

The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation has been a long time recipient of Osio’s donations as well. He continues to send donations each year for the EPK events, and his personal belief is that regardless of how much someone gives, even the smallest donations are treasured by those foundations which are designed specifically to help children with medical needs and research.

David Osio is the CEO of Davos Financial Group, and his credentials are outstanding including his education at one of the top schools in Venezuela. He continues to study his industry and obtain additional professional credentials today.

Check out his Twitter @davidosio1

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Fabletics – Kate Hudson Commercial

You know her as Goldie Hawns daughter, and as a fabulous actress in her own right. Now you get to know Kate as a director. With her company Fabletics she has directed a new ad for them using her as spokesperson in a very social media behind the scenes way. By using her very own iPhone, Kate wears the great styles offered by Fabletics while doing the things she would do at home. It’s a fun and easy commercial that is like a glimpse at what you would see if looking at Kate’s Instagram. It shows her fun and athletic side while showcasing how stylish the brand is.

Fabletics was started in 2013 and with Kate Hudson as one of the co-founders it has really become a new way for girls and women to update their wardrobe without leaving the house. For a $25 VIP membership you start an actual subscription to a monthly outfit that is delivered right to your home. If you love it, you keep it and wait for the following months outfit on Kate continues to see the opportunities made by social media and how she can reach her customers right through the internet.

The athleisure wear is trendy on Facebook and made with the finest quality products at a very affordable price point. It is sized to fit women of all shapes and sizes and once you become a VIP member and let the stylists at Fabletics know your likes the outfits are customized to fit your style. The best part is that you can send it back or cancel a month if you need to catch up on some bills. Its a great way to update and increase a small closet with some great pieces. When you see Kate’s commercial you can see some of the great separates Fabletics offers like swimsuits, skirts, jackets, shorts, sports bras, and great stretchy pants, to name a few.

Advice from George Soros

George Soros is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Ranked #23 by Forbes, his net worth is at least $24.9 Billion. His source of wealth is mainly from hedge funds and self-acquired. Soros is aged 85 and a married father of five.

With a Bachelor of Arts/ Science from the London School of Economics, Soros recently gave his opinion on Britain’s idea of exiting from the EU. His main worry is the impact this decision would have on the currency and stock market. George Soros’ warning is as a result of the significant vote scheduled for Thursday to determine this issue.

George stated that in an event of a ‘Brexit’- a name coined from the exit of Britain from the EU, the sterling pound would fall resulting in a disaster Black Friday. Black Friday is a term that tries to explain what would happen come Friday and the vote for Brexit had won. On 16th of September 1992, the British government withdrew its currency from the European Rate Mechanism (ERM), due to inability to keep it over the set limit. The withdrawal resulted in a financial disaster for some while others like Soros profited.

As a campaigner of a single currency, George Soros says that the outcome of this vote will have an impact on financial positions for most of the ordinary people. If the value of the sterling pound declines, at least every household good will is affected. The vote for Brexit would also make a significant and almost immediate impact on jobs, prices, financial markets, and investment.

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How Billionaire George Soros Profited From Brexit’s ‘Black Friday’

George is not the only one advocating for Britain to remain in the European Union. Public figures such as the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, made their opinions known. Cameron stated that ‘Brits don’t quit.’ Celebrities from Britain such as David Beckham and his wife Victoria were for the #remain.

The devaluation of the currency would be greater than many of the people imagine. Polls carried out in Britain show that the number of those for and against the idea is almost equal. The vote is, however, likely to swing on any side. In 1992, during the ‘Black Wednesday’, Soros was one of the greatest beneficiaries. He pocketed a cool $1.5 billion at the expense of the Bank of England.

Soros is a generous man who tries to give back to society in every possible way. He established Open Society in 1979 with the aim of improving lives of people around the world by recognizing that everyone is unique. The society has helped black students from South Africa to acquire scholarships to university. Students from Eastern Europe have also gotten chances to study in the States.

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Capital Strategist Sam Tabar and Arizona Voting Issues

The U.S Department of Justice has started investigations into various voting concerns that were raised with regards to Arizona Primary. Through a letter directed to Maricopa County, officials from the Department of Justice they notified them of investigations that were to commence. This was due to the voting issues that were raised during the March 22nd primary elections. Voters complained of queuing for over five hours. The county was also accused of cutting 60 polling locations. The investigations were requested by Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton. His claims were that the county had deliberately refused to avail more polling stations. He complained of it failing to take into account the fact that the county had the highest population of minorities. He was also joined by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

With the presidential election quickly approaching, voting has become quite a controversial and sensitive subject in the United States. For instance the US Supreme Court recently gave a unanimous opinion that allows states to determine legislative districts by using the state’s population and that the constitution does not require that states to appropriate legislative districts through voter population. Courts have also allowed 17 year olds who will be of 18 years of age come November to vote in Ohio. Maricopa County has expressed its commitment to cooperate with the Department of Justice.

The city of New York boasts of having Sam Tabar among its best capital strategist and attorney. Sam Tabar is a former student of Oxford University where he successfully graduated with honors and also Columbia University. Sam has been lucky enough to work at the some of the best law firms and financial institutions. His experience and wealth of knowledge has seen him come up with great innovations. He first worked at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. He stayed at the firm until the year 2004. PMA Investment Advisors which is based in Hong Kong hired Sam Tabar as its Managing Director and Co-Head of Business Development, which is reflected on LinkedIn.

He worked at PMA Investment Advisors for seven years before moving to Merrill Lynch Investment Bank. While here he was the bank’s Director and Head of Capital Strategy in the Asia-Pacific region. He has also worked at Adanac LLC, BVI as its Director and also as a Senior Associate of Schulte Roth and Zabel. Sam Tabar specifically specializes in hedge funds formation and management, regulatory and compliance issues, private placement memoranda and employment issues. He is currently the Chief Operating Officer of FullCycle Energy Fund. Sam enjoys hosting events and traveling, as written on CrunchBase.

Coriant: The Developer of Mobile Solutions

Coriant deals with networking solutions in the business world that is quickly changing due to the cloud software. Network operators are able to simplify their operations as well as improve their resources. They are also helpful with network operators in forming new services that bring in a lot of income for businesses in this world where the demands for services are constantly evolving. Among the platforms they offer service for are mobile, cloud, and video. Coriant has proven to be a major success with its services being offered in more than 100 countries.

The success of Coriant is possible only because of the heads of the company. One head of Coriant that is very reliable is Shaygan Kheradpir who has recently joined the board after Pat DiPietro. Shaygan has worked or Verizon and was responsible for all of the innovations that have come from the mobile service provider such as FiOS FTTH. Kheradpir has also worked in Coriant on the senior management team as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners earlier in the year. Shaygan has already had a little bit of experience working with Coriant.

Shaygan has also worked at Juniper as the CEO. Kheradpir has worked in the telecom industry for a total of 28 years. This extensive experience in the field makes him a very trustworthy person to bring on board.

Working as Coriant’s new CEO, Shaygan’s key task is to bring about equipment sales for to service providers and to also provide equipment to work with 4G and the soon to come 5G advancements.