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From A Bank Teller To The President Of The Bank, Luiz Trabuco’s Career

Following the retirement of the 91-year-old second president of Banco Bradesco since its founding in 1943, Lazaro Brandao, a few changes are being made to the bank’s executive list. The position of the President is set for the now former Chief Executive Officer to fill. As Luiz Carlos Trabuco become takes on the office of the president, he leaves a tight race among the company officials from which his replacement will be elected.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s journey in Banco Bradesco
Having graduated from high school earlier than his age mates, at the age of eighteen Luiz was already a holder of a degree in philosophy from the Sao Paolo University. At this time is when he got employed at Banco Bradesco S.A as a teller in1969. While working at this position, Luiz portrayed impressive leadership skills that landed him a promotion to a clerk and later clerical supervisor. His work continued to impress his superiors so much that they would trust him with tasks beyond his job description. He decided to seek out further education and temporarily left the bank and enrolled in the Sao Paolo University to take on a postgraduate sociology degree.

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Luiz Carlos rejoined the staff at Banco Bradesco after the hiatus and was hired as the director of the marketing department in 1984. He performed his roles so impressively and made an impact on how the bank related and reached out to its clients that are in effect up to date. His strategies helped the bank attract more clients and increase its profitability. He introduced the bank to the concept of segmenting and targeting that has since then been adopted by many other institutions in Brazil according to He played different roles in the company including that of the head of the bank’s insurance segment, a job which he also crushed.

In 2009, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was appointed to become Banco Bradesco’s Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President after serving as the vice president from 1999 and managing director from 1992. When the retirement of Lazaro was made public, there was no doubt that Luiz would take over since he has proven himself worthy time and again. Luiz’s career is has been so impressive that he is one of the highest paid bank executives in the country commanding respect of the entire industry.

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AvaTrade Review- A Featured Currency Broker

AvaTrade- is a forex brokerage, internationally traded and regulated. It has powerful platforms and high leverage. It also offers educational platforms and expanded trading – enabling you to learn about trading and become better in the markets. They have business class customers service. It is an introduction to Contract For Difference- and you can use AvaTrade. The AvaTrade leverage makes it easy to trade and convenient- and you can take strong positions in the market. Leverage Trading can magnify profits, and also can magnify losses.

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Cryptocurrencies are therefore in demand and have made a big impact on the currency markets- these will be a big player in the future.

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Madison Street Capital Steadily Setting the Bar High In Investment Banking Industry

Madison street capital is gradually gaining the top-notch reputation in offering expert financial advice to various businesses around the globe. The firm is in the business of assisting organizations to gain access to fast and reliable credit, make smart and informed investment decisions and is in a position to steer complex transactions. At Madison Street Capital, companies can also be able to get their valuation as the company offers valuation and merger consultation services. The outstanding reputation of the company has been earned by efficiency from the company in helping a large number of well-established businesses.


Madison Street Capital has obtained credit in various perspectives in 2014 the company provided advisory services to Vital Care Industries, a medical manufacturing company based in Illinois. MSC assisted the company secures the proper lender for a commercial loan. The review from the company in regards to this service was nothing short of a satisfied client. There was also the recognition of the co-founder of MSC Anthony Marsala by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst, Awards for the 40 Under Forty. The award recognizes young leaders in businesses that have made impressive achievements in matters involving valuations, mergers, and other similar related works.


Madison Street Capital has also had significant recognition in various award events. In 2016, the company was named as the finalist for the M&A Advisor Awards. The company was also nominated the top boutique investment banking firm in 2016 by Experts. It was also selected as the top company for facilitating the best industrial merger with a valuation of fewer than 100 million dollars. In 2017, the company has worn a Turnaround Award highlighting its role in 2016 as the most excellent restructuring transaction company with a valuation of under 25million dollars. The group competed with 300 firms for the award.


In 2017, the company has helped DCG Software Value in the process of its merging with the Spitfire Group. The company’s whose offices are in Great Britain and Pennsylvania has offered different software and analysis services over the last two decades. Madison Street Capital Draws has extensively assisted a diverse range of companies in their valuation and merging. MSC prides itself in the team of expert professionals that have a deep understanding of how to go about in handling every company differently and uniquely. The team has built exceptional experience over time in managing relationships with the clients making Madison Street Capital one of the world’s premier firms. You can also find this information and more on Learn more: