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Sentient AI – A/B Testing

While A/B testing is not a new technique when marketing products and services, the way it is utilized today with sentient AI is just beginning. Combining sentient AI with A/B testing offers a number of benefits including the ability to save time with manual research and data sorting while keeping prospective customers more interested in your brand and what you have to offer.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a traditional method of “seeing what works” best for companies whether you are launching an online or offline advertising campaign. A/B testing is also used within email marketing campaigns, allowing business owners to gain insight into what works for readers and customers and what can be improved on in the future (based on specific audiences).

Using Sentient AI With A/B Testing of Email Marketing Campaigns

Utilizing sentient AI with A/B testing of email marketing campaigns is one way to truly automate your marketing efforts with less manpower and hours devoted to organizing and compiling data you collect. Sending separate email campaigns to designated lists of users allows the sentient AI to quickly determine which calls to action (CTA) works best along with which headers and email text have higher conversion rates. Using the data you are able to receive from the sentient AI is a way to optimize email marketing campaigns with less effort while also gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge regarding your consumers and what they are looking for from your company and brand.

Sentient AI and Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Although email marketing campaigns are often vital for many companies today, social media marketing has also skyrocketed in popularity, especially for new businesses and brands on the market. Sentient AI is also capable of working to monitor and track data from the results you receive when running A/B tests of various ads you want to share on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Rid the guesswork of crafting the ultimate marketing campaign by utilizing sentient AI, allowing you to reach your customers quickly and on a more intimate level.

While sentient AI is just being rolled out into businesses online it is quickly becoming commonplace for many developers and entrepreneurs. Take your A/B testing to the next level by integrating sentient AI into your business model to get a better glimpse into your consumers and the audience you are looking to reach.