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The DACA Program is Under Attack—Will you Defend it?

The most conservative members of the Republican Party have begun a series of battles against the DACA program.


The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals is an initiative which offers assistance to undocumented children who meet certain qualifications. This assistance comes in the form of a reprieve from being deported back to their home countries, being provided a Social Security Number, the chance to be employed and earn money in the United States for a renewable period of two years, and more.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has recently sent a letter to President Trump, essentially asking the White House to begin taking steps to rescind the DACA program by September 5 of this year, alluding to certain legal action if the president should decide not to comply with the request.


The state has not proposed an abrupt cutoff to the program but has rather began a process of drawing down with a series of new measures, such as refusing to accept new applications and the suspension of renewals.


But it isn’t only Texas: nine other attorneys general and one governor, all from Republican states, have added their names to the letter demanding the dismantling of the program. This has put the nation on edge, with hundreds of thousands of undocumented residents unsure about their futures and whether or not they will be allowed to remain in the United States of America.


The Hispanic Caucus has already taken action, holding an urgent closed-door meeting with John Kelly, the Secretary of Homeland Security. Kelly has stated that the program, which protects roughly 800,000 residents, is in serious jeopardy of being dismantled or, at the very least, mortally wounded. He cited the numerous legal cases which have recently been filed against the program as his main cause for concern.


The program has been in effect for five years and has affected the lives of millions of Americans and migrants. A staggering 85 percent of beneficiaries either study or earn a living in America, contributing millions of dollars in university tuition, tax dollars to the American economy and so much more.


If DREAMers and its allies are alarmed, simply do this: use that fervor as strength to fight back against the efforts to dismantle the DACA.


The Frontera Fund’s mission is to promote Reproductive Justice, specifically access to abortions in the Rio Grande Valley. They donate lodging costs for people who need to travel to gain access to abortion care. Frontera Fund’s goal is to create a culture in Southern Texas in which anyone who chooses to have an abortion can do so safely and without shame.


George Soros Works for Open Societies

George Soros has never been known to stay quiet on important issues, especially when those issues involve defending human rights or protecting freedom around the globe. It comes as no surprise that he remains incredibly active in the Open Society Foundations, which he established after his amazing professional success in investing in financial markets.

While many people know of Soros’ amazing professional accomplishments and unique ability to analyze international currency market trends for investors, his philanthropic endeavors receive far less press from the mainstream media. With a presence in over 100 countries around the world, the Open Society Foundations work in the areas of education, youth outreach, public health care, economic development and immigrant rights to make the world a better and less dangerous place for millions of people who are almost trapped by authoritarian or otherwise oppressive governments. The subject matter of the Open Society Foundations’ programs is intentionally broad because George Soros says he wants his foundations to have the flexibility to address whatever needs present the biggest obstacle for the protection of human rights. Soros further understands that these private organizations may be able to step in and do good at times when governments or political parties are handicapped from making real progress in the lives of real people. During the last thirty years alone, the Open Society Foundations have spent more than $13 billion on global initiatives.
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Central to the mission of the Open Society Foundations is the ability to have open and spirited debate over social and political issues. Soros is unwavering in his respect of the diversity of opinions and thinks that all people should have a place do discuss their opinions openly. The Open Society Foundations do not shy away from controversial issues at all. In fact, the Open Society Foundations often embrace controversial issues as an opportunity to make sure that the rights of minorities are not trampled upon. In all things, the Open Society Foundations want to make sure that the people have the ability to address their governments directly and feel empowered to do so. Because of this philosophy, the Open Society Foundations work to increase the power and influence of historically excluded groups so that their voice can eventually be heard and have an impact.

Part of the work of the Open Society Foundations involves partnering with businesses to make sure that they are operating in a transparent way that upholds the rule of law for all citizens. Under Soros’ vision for the Open Society Foundations, businesses play a vital role in promoting good governance around the world. Therefore, the Open Society Foundations carefully monitor the interactions between governments and businesses and take action when they feel that there is an inappropriate amount of influence coming from the private sector businesses on the government, which the Open Society Foundations believe should be representing the people first and foremost. Soros is very vocal in his support for effective government regulation of businesses to prevent free market capitalism from destroying the common good.

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Thor Halvorssen Accuses Bernie Sanders of Wanting Democratic Socialism

Trish Regan interviewed Thor Halvorssen, Human Rights Foundation, on Fox’s Intelligence Reports. Regan asked Halvorssen why he believes that Socialism violates basic human rights. Halvorssen wanted people to clearly understand his position. He is all for Socialism as long countries don’t violate the rights of the people and have separate government systems, such as in Denmark and Sweden. When a country uses Socialism as a way to cover up their real agenda to control the rights of their citizens, then Thor Halvorssen has a problem with Socialism. Trish Regan wanted to define what Socialism is because she believed that it was possible that Bernie Sanders supporters were not clear about what socialism is. Halvorssen said that there are many definitions of Socialism including academic and historic. Some people think that Socialism, Communism, and Marxism are the same thing. When a government makes decisions for the people, such as deciding what the prices of things should be, then problems can like shortages that will hurt the public. This disturbs Halvorssen.

Despite Thor Halvorssen’s objection to Bernie Sanders’s support for a Socialism government, the economist supports Sanders’s campaign and has made donations, funding it. Halvorssen is opposed to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy practices and believes that he would rather live with Bernie Sander’s Socialist style of government. He doesn’t believe that Sanders will be abusive to people who disagree with his style government should he win the presidency.

Thor Halvorssen has personal experience with Socialist governments that are dictatorial. Halvorssen’s family was in Venezuela where his father,Thor Halvorssen Hellum, became a political government prisoner, accused of money laundering and bank fraud. His mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez during a demonstration against Venezuela’s recalling the Social Referendum of 2004. His first cousin is currently imprisoned in Venezuela for protesting against Hugo Chavez. Halvorssen believes that these tragic things happened to his family because of Democratic Socialism when the ruler decided to control everything that went on in the entire country. The human rights advocate does not believe that redistribution of wealth will end poverty and create more wealth.

Thor Halvorssen Offers Peculiar Opinion On Socialism and the Sanders Campaign

In a recent interview on Fox News’ Live Business Trish Regan interviewed the famous political and human rights activist, Thor Halvorssen. The topic of the day was socialism, specifically, Bernie Sanders brand of socialism. Halvorssen immediately stated that socialism was not just undesirable for the United States of America, but downright unethical, viewing it as theft in the guise of salvation.

It’s important to note that here, Halvorssen is not merely speaking from a purely academic perspective, but from a firsthand one. Indeed, Halvorssen has had many a intimate and unnerving encounter with socialist governments, namely that of the Socialist Republic of Venezuela. He speaks passionately about the subject when prompted by Ms. Regan, “I just have to get you to one more thing before you go – you have personal experience with this (totalitarian socialism) in Venezuela. Your father-” at this point Halvorssen jumps in. My father was a political prisoner. My mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez and my cousin, my first cousin, is currently in prison in Venezuela.” He clarifies, however, that Venezuela had, for many years previously, a moderate and effective labor government, which utilized a measured form of Democratic Socialism – a mode of government which Halvorseen does not take particular exception with, as, in his view, it does not infringe markedly upon fundamental human rights in the same way that socialism under a authoritarian, centralized government does. He described the latter form of government as nothing more than, “Looting.”

It is therefore, perhaps, unsurprising when Thor Halvorssen brings everything back home by saying that not only does he support Bernie Sanders, he donated the maximum allowed amount to his campaign – it was a revelation which shocked Ms. Regan who responded with a accentuated, “Wow…” When pressed as to why, Halvorssen, who is voting democrat, simply replied that he could never back Hillary Clinton given the countries from whom her foundation has received money (in the millions of dollars) from, countries such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Algeria, Bahrain and Syria. Countries which Halvorssen describes collectively as places that, “Execute you for being gay – that restrict all press freedoms – that in some cases ban Christmas!” He concluded by firmly asserting that he would always and ever take a democratic socialist over anyone who takes money from totalitarian dictatorships.