Alex Pall: Building His Hollywood Dream House

Alex Pall is the one of the halves of the Electronic Dance Duo, The Chainsmokers along with his partner in creating mad music – Andrew Taggart. The Chainsmokers were first known for their first chart topper, and viral worldwide song “#Selfie”. The electronic dance craze song put the The Chainsmokers on the music map and made them a staple name for electronic dance music. The dynamic DJ duo are no strangers to reeling awards and topping charts – some of their massive hits include “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”.

With the success of the duo comes a lot of financial inflow, of course. The royalties will always cash in and this will keep Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart in a very comfortable lifestyle in more of the years to come.

Everyone dreams of having their own home. Moreover, a lot of us dream of living the Hollywood life and having a home right at the city of stars. For Alex Pall, this is no longer a dream, but already a reality.

Recently, Alex Pall has already built his dream home in Hollywood Hills and he has tapped one of the most popular designers to help him build his dream home – the one and only Peti Lau.

The grammy-award winning artist’s home is a nod to his hippy personality and his bright and energetic music. His home is nothing but luxurious – his home is described as a home defined by his moments – and Peti Lau made sure that all the features of the home were in direct reflection of who Alex Pall was – the fixtures, colorways, paintings and functions of every room were so well thought of and so aesthetically curated down to the finest, tiniest detail that it was very difficult to nitpick a mistake out of it.

Needless to say, the Chainsmokers, the Grammy award winning duo – Alex Pall and Andrew Taggard are yet to approach their full bloom and the future is brightest for the two. Alex Pall with his dream home is now officially living the dream of the Hollywood life – and right now every one is just excited for what is to come for the duo.

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