Upwork is a platform where freelancers can meet clients who they could work for depending on their field of specialty. Upwork has a myriad of jobs that are specific to the area that the freelancer chose while they were creating the account. The freelancer then selects the job that best suits them, and they make a bid for it. If the client is satisfied with the demands and the freelancer’s profile, they assign the job to the person who has to complete it within a given timeframe. The freelancer is then paid after submitting the post and after all the client’s expectations are met.

A recent article posted by Upwork details on how a person can complete a to-do list in time. Upwork gave ten tips on how to make sure that one does their things efficiently.

The first tip was that one needs to note down a list of all the activities that they need to do as opposed to trying to remember all that they need to do. This limits a person from being active when they are doing a task because they are distracted from the uncompleted tasks that are running through their head.

This list should be completed in time for it to be effective, however. Instead of going through the to-do list in the morning when one is fresh, a person should do a task instead before they are fatigued.

The third tip, according to Upwork, is keeping a to-do list in one place because this keeps the focus of the person in one place instead of scattering them. Forth, one needs to keep a timeframe on which to work on a task. Fifth, they need to keep their priorities in check, starting with the essential things and finishing with the least important.

Sixth, one needs to re-evaluate their tasks to see the progress and keep track of jobs that are lagging behind. Seventh, Upwork says that one needs to delegate the tasks, primarily when working as a team so that tasks don’t go unattended. Eighth, one can divide up tasks into chunks of work which can be worked independently. After finishing them, the person then evaluates the job as a whole to make sure that it’s completed as a whole.

Ninth, one can group similar tasks and work on them as a single entity before finally assigning energy levels to different tasks depending on the intensity of each task.

When all these are combined, it makes the to-do list easier to go through.

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