David McDonald Leads OSI Group to Expand Around the World

Founded in 1909, the OSI Group began as a small company known as Otto’s Meat Market. From those humble beginnings, the company is now a global leader in processed foods for restaurants and markets. David McDonald is one of the company’s leaders that has helped OSI Group to grow their reach around the world.

David McDonald is the COO and resides in Aurora, Illinois, where the branch office for the company is located. OSI Group also has branch offices in Germany and China. The food processing company has become one of the largest due to their standardized safety processes and their commitment to work with each of their customers as individuals.

OSI does not just process one menu of food items. Instead, they have a research and development team that works with each customer to create menu items based on their wants and needs. The company creates everything from processed proteins of all kinds to vegan items. They work tirelessly to stay on top of new food trends in all the countries where they operate. Right now, they have 65 facilities in 17 countries.

While David McDonald oversees many of OSI’s operations in the main branch in the US, he serves as Director of OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited and sits on the board of directors. It is their global presence that allows their customers to have access to the world’s food supply chain.

It is the company’s many acquisitions around the world that makes them a leader in the food industry. With David McDonald at the helm, OSI has established contracts with, or acquired, warehouses, farms, processing plants and poultry processing facilities in North America, Europe and China.

Recently the OSI Group doubled their poultry processing facility in Spain to keep up with consumer demand. By doubling their chicken processing they were able to create several new food items, like the trendy Sous Vide chicken that allows customers the ability to just heat and serve it. OSI has plans for further expansion that will allow them to create new food items to meet demands.


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