Academy of Arts University Fashion Show Boldly States Art as A Career Is Conceivable

Entering a new field for anyone can be an extremely daunting task. While the world of fashion boasts beautiful fabrics and an array of colors as culturally diverse as the art community, creating a unique style that paradoxically requires acceptance or solves real world issues is no small feat.

To bridge the divide between classroom and real world, the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, put on its annual fashion show April 26, fitted with industry insiders, ushering its students into the world of public opinion. Additionally, each year the Academy hosts its students, alumni, and faculty’s work at 70 plus galleries in the city and at its annual Spring Show which, for San Franciscans, was held May 18 to June 9th.

The Academy of Arts University was founded by painter and Sunset Magazine’s Editor, Richard Stephens, whose belief was that “people could make a living as an artist,” a feat many of the school’s students do. Beyond bi-annual participation in New York’s Fashion Week, the school’s 35 degree options and online programs, from Advertising to Writing, are attractive to employers who are looking for creative and innovative solutions to complex problems. 2009 School of Architecture graduate, Mary Telling, contributed to tackling San Francisco’s housing crisis by developing a 127 unit affordable apartment complex to accommodate families and transitional age youth in the Mission District.

As the largest accredited private art and design university in the nation, the school has open admissions, accepting 100% of applicants representing 112 countries. It also features 16 NCAA sports programs and is uniquely composed of 48 buildings immersed in the city compelling its students to keep their thumbs on the cultural heartbeat of those they are entrusted with serving.

Proof that the university’s counter culture, barrier removed, Montessorian approach is effective is found in the accomplishments of its students. 20 Oscar nominated 2016 films featured the work of the university’s alumni in 16 categories. NASA also commissioned students from the School of Industrial Design to style a user interface for its remotely operated land based robots.

Making the subjective practical, is possible.


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