End Citizens United Embraces Rejection of Money From Big Corporations

     End Citizens United (ECU) fights its toughest battle yet in the upcoming elections this year. In 2015, End Citizens United was founded following the formation of Citizens United and their trial against the Federal Election Commission where they seeked to gain clearance for overspending in U.S elections on a basis of wealth class and digression from equal opportunity. End Citizens United wants to end economical disproportion between parties in governmental elections. The organization is funded entirely by grassroot donors. The current president of ECU is Tiffany Muller, a previous public official in Kansas, who increased the member donations by 3 million members during her first term. Muller is gearing up for the 2018 elections by naming End Citizens United’s top 20 members of congress their organization must fight to replace during this year. These members are called the Big Money 20 and have been marked red as a result of their opposition to close the economical gap in elections. Amongst these members highlighted are Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, Paul Ryan, and Senator Dean Heller of Nevada. All of the officials named on the list represent the Republican party, a long time opponent of the organization. End Citizens United plans to fundraise $35 million dollars for this year’s elections in order to fulfill their target list. The 3 million members must contribute at least 12 dollars each to reach that goal. Currently, End Citizens United cannot take more than $5,000 in contributions from one single member. ECU also endorsed Seven named officials in the race for re-election including Florida’s district 18 Lauren Baer, Indiana’s district 9 Liz Watson, Michigan’s district 1 Matt Morgan, North Carolina’s district 13 Kathy Manning, New Jersey’s district 7 Tom Malinowski, Ohio’s district 15 Rick Neal, and Wyoming’s Gary Trauner running for senator. ECU identified these officials as partners to their cause. The officials have previously rejected any funding from corporations or large PAC’s. Others running for office are also looking at End Citizens United’s impactful message made on voters. In voting poll, 62% of ECU members stated rejection of external funding is a characteristic of a good candidate. End Citizens United aims to use their network of non-profit organizations to leverage the cost of the democrats choosing to refuse corporate contributions. ECU’s PAC is headquartered in Washington D.C. ECU will spread their funds between candidates proved free of large PAC donations during 2018.

If you wish to learn more, please read “Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Will Stop Accepting Donations From Corporate PACs.

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