Hussain Sajwani: An Arab Success Story

It seems almost noble whenever an individual who grew up as a regular person and was able to work their way to the classes of the elite begins to show an interest in helping to better the world. Hussain Sajwani has managed to create an incredible amount of success for himself through his property development company DAMAC Properties. He has not just used this success to live a lavish lifestyle, however. He is a well-known entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

He originally went to the United States as a young adult in order to receive an education from the University of Washington. He majored in industrial engineering and economics and was able to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. In order to attend the University, he had been awarded a scholarship by the government of his home country the United Arab Emirates when he was a child. This education helped immensely in his business endeavors, and he has paid back the world for the help he had in achieving his success.

Most recently Hussain Sajwani has donated over $2 million in order to fund a clothing campaign that would help to provide clothing for needy children around the world. He believes that it is important to give back to those who are in need.

Today DAMAC Properties is a publicly traded company, and it is one of the first Arab real estate development companies to become publicly traded. DAMAC Properties has managed to build itself a reputation for being associated with high-end property developments and unique marketing techniques. One of the most high-profile projects that they have undertaken is the construction of a golf course for Donald Trump.

It may not seem like it fits with the rest of the company, but there is still a part of the DAMAC Properties operations that serves food. It still exists and runs as a reminder for Hussain Sajwani as his first business endeavor. When he first started his own business, he catered food to the American military. To this day he maintains a reputation as an excellent caterer and has received recognition for his food service to the American military.

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