The American Institute of Architects Appoints a New VP

     The American Institute of Architects (AIA) was founded in 1857. The board of this premier organization, which represents licensed professionals working in the construction and design industry, appointed Robert Ivy as the chief executive officer in Feb. 1st, 2011. He was also appointed in the capacity of the executive vice president. He is also the editor-in-chief of Architectural Record. He has held this position since 1996.

Robert Ivy also serves as the editorial director and vice president for McGraw-Hill Construction, where he handles efficient management practices and editorial quality on the design and construction publications. Before moving to these executive positions, he used to be a managing partner with Dean, Ivy and Dean/Dale for close to 14 years. Robert has also acted in the capacity of principal when working with Ivy Architects. In 2009, he received the Crane Award, which is also the American Business Media top award. Later in 2010, Alpha Rho Chi also recognized him as master architect for his contribution to the value of design in his generation.

Robert Ivy has also been recognized as an advocate of his profession in many environmental, political and social talks that affect the architectural space. He has been serving on the AIA’s board since the 1990s. His new position means that he will be managing the Washington, DC office, which is also the national office. This particular office has 206 employees and accrues at least $56 million every year. One of his responsibilities would be directing organizational focus on practice and design issues within the firm. He would be required to help AIA enhance its voice in demonstrating the value of design by assisting the employees to understand the public’s perception of architecture and architects. As the CEO of 300 chapters in the country and abroad, he would be raising support for AIA members.

George Miller, the president at AIA in 2010 said that he was excited to work with Robert Ivy and was looking forward to combining their corporate leadership skills and seasoned industry experience in making the board and the institution better. According to him, the board was unanimous in appointing Robert to his position considering his passion, leadership style and experience over the years.

George mentioned that he knew Robert as an architect loyal to the course of the institute and steady with his management skills. As for Clark Manus, the 2011 president of the institute, he highlighted that AIA was at a pivotal time in the industry since the significant economic stress had been experienced over the past few years. However, he was hopeful that with the coming of Robert to join the board, the AIA members were hopeful that Robert Ivy would facilitate growth as a way of building on resources and efforts in the institute.

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