Mighty Fortress Church: Built On The Bible Alone

The main emphasis in this church is placed upon the teachings of the Bible itself. The Senior Pastor of this church, Dr. Tom Williams, believes that the Bible holds the keys to solving most, if not all, of the world’s current problems. He teaches that the Bible, being the divinely inspired word of God, holds the answers to the problems of sin, poverty, sickness, disease, racism, immorality, rebelliousness, and others. He teaches these solutions to his congregation as a path to what he calls “victorious Christian living”. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Mighty Fortress Church, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a unique and dynamic house of worship in which all are encouraged to express their faith in whatever way they wish. This is not a place in which the clergy shows a formal and distant attitude, nor is it a place of solemn ritual, nor is it a circus where performers use trickery to perform false miracles. It is simply meant to be a good, old-fashioned church in the best traditions of Christianity.

Perhaps the most unique and original aspect of this particular church is the open and accepting environment that they work hard to create. They tell people “come as you are”. Many different kinds of people are represented here, as all are considered welcome in God’s house. One can see that Mighty Fortress attracts a wide range of people from many different races, cultures, and walks of life. The informal, non-judgemental atmosphere is meant to encourage a deeper sense of kinship among those who come to hear the services, and to avoid the rigid and repetitious sense of ritual that pervades many churches and Christian institutions. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.com.

Pastor Williams often points out that he is not a performer or an entertainer, and his preaching style fits that statement. He is very plain and simple in the way he teaches his lessons. He doesn’t jump around and pretend to be possessed. He doesn’t claim to be a faith healer or a miracle worker. The overall emphasis in his ministry is placed on the word of God itself, which is the Bible, and all else is secondary to that. Personally, I feel that you can’t go wrong with that.

Visit: http://mightyfortress.net/1st-lady-williams

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