It’s now known how a strong nature phenomenon is going to strike and affect your life, in the unfortunate event you may be affected by such a direct strike, rest assured that for your basic utility services of electricity and/or natural gas, Stream Energy is there for you.


If you were a customer or associate directly affected by Hurricane Harvey, it is good to know that during those difficult times Stream Energy is there with a helping hand, supporting you either by assisting by eliminating related late payment fees, deferring your payment bill, creating a payment plan or by indirectly being assisted by the company efforts on Red-Cross donations.

Independent associates who live on strike regions and may have been affected by this phenomenon also will see support from their direct sales peers that will be doing their effort to assist them by means of funding campaigns with company matched donations up to $25,000 (Twitter).


Stream Energy, a Dallas based corporation created in 2005, that has reached the status of ‘Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Energy Providers in Texas’ by Market Strategies International. The company strives to be not just another ‘energy company’, but a partner in life that is on your side because it makes a big emphasis on simplicity on the way it operates to make things as clear as possible for you, the customer.


Added features that Stream Energy provides you are: The educational assistance on the management of your energy plan, which may assist you on reducing existing waste of service that on the long run will cost valuable money from your wallet; and the availability of versatile ‘tools’ to be able to monitor your electricity usage and receive periodic reports directly on your e-mail system to be aware and pinpoint how energy is being used (or misused). These features assist the customer in feeling he or she is in control of the usage of the electrical service. Valuable assistance in an area where it is common to think and feel that electrical bill is out of control in a big percentage.

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