Eric Lefkofsky Giving Towards Education and Medical Sector

Lefkofsky Family Foundation was founded in the year 2006 by Eric Lefkofsky and his wife as a channel to offer charity mission. The charitable giving done by the foundation is directed towards supporting scientific projects, education organizations throughout the world. The main aim of the foundation is to provide support to initiatives and research that are directed at enhancing the quality of human life all around the world. The evaluation of the foundations grant is done quarterly and is based on the major areas including education, medical research, culture, human rights and arts. It is located in Chicago and is rated as the leading in donating to the arts and culture.

The philanthropic giving towards education from the foundation covers the region around Chicago. The foundation supports the individual student and also charter school, scholarship program and also after-school education program for the disadvantaged students. Moreover it is focused on supporting groups such as New Leaders and Educators for Excellence which is an organization that train the teachers and administrators. The Lefkofsky also gives financial support to Moneythink. Moneythink provides is an organization that gives to the public teacher on the financial education in the urban schools.

Lefkofsky has donated a large amount to the University of Michigan over many years and specifically donated $1.2million to the university’s health system. Other universities around Chicago that Lefkofsky plans to support include DePaul and Northwestern. In the health sector, Lefkofsky’ charity giving is extended beyond Chicago. From Liz’s background, she lost her sister due to cancer. Due to this, her mother came up with Brain Tumor Association. The support from the foundation has been well distributed to the ABTA, Damon Runyon and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre. Moreover, hospitals caring for the children have also benefited from the foundation’s donation. Lefkofsky’ have also been giving towards the cure for pancreatic cancer, research for the cure for thyroid cancer, leukaemia and lung cancer. Among the major donations by Lefkofsky include $400000 to John Hopkins and $200000 to the children hospital in Chicago. The foundation has recently given to the global health initiative Medical Mission for the children.


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