Growing Crops and Entrepreneurship With Josh Smith, CEO of Modular Greenhouses

It was truly a thrilling day for High Desert Montessori School of Reno, Nevada. Josh Smith, CEO of Modular Greenhouses, donated a brand new greenhouse to the school as well as a local restaurant, Great Full Gardens Cafe. With the latest installment to the schools gardening program, the students are not learning how food is grown. With this new knowledge, they hope to teach the kinds also the responsibility of taking care of their own health and wellness.
Josh Smith also donated money to the gardening program. The area of Reno, Nevada does not seem to be known for much vegetation. So with this donation, the students now see how the area produce plants with the soil, seeds, and planters they purchased. Josh Smith wants to see every school in the county of Washoe with a greenhouse by the year 2020. In Reno, Nevada Modular Greenhouses set up a program for Washoe County to donate a greenhouse not just to every school but approved non-profit organizations as well.

Josh Smith is founder and CEO of Modular Greenhouses. He has a passion for making an impact and developed several start-ups in the wellness and self-sustaining technology fields. He is the co-designer/inventor of a greenhouse that once its set up will grow crops and manages itself via the technology set up. Believes his visions come from the daily pains and irritants of life. When he sees a problem big or small he tries to think of a solution. He saw how people enjoy fresh produce, but do not always have the green thumb necessary. Reno, Nevada is proud to have the new Modular Greenhouse help its people create and sustain their own homegrown produce.

Great Full Gardens Cafe through this initiative of Josh Smith is starting their own goal as well. The restaurant wants the students to become adept enough to grow a crop, and sell the food grown to the restaurant. This will offer not just the students, but the community at large an opportunity to dine on fresh homegrown products. Modular Greenhouses hopes to change how people handle crops.

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