Onctargets role as a Scientific Journal

Oncotarget medical journal accessed on the internet published weekly, and it covers research on every aspect of oncology. Oncotarget which is usually issued by Impact Journals got founded in 2010. This journal is majorly multidisciplinary and has got free-access. The word ‘’Oncotarget’’ comprises of every molecule, passageways and also the cellular functions that are the same in cancer and in getting old, neurodegeneration, lymphocytes and cancer cells among others.The main goal of the journal is to make sure that scientific results are broadly and swiftly available and also maximizing the influence of this research. It also envisions allowance of outstanding discoveries to be spread rapidly.

It seeks to get rid of the border between different scientific domains and to link fields concerning biomedical science. It even promotes applications involved in clinical medicine to battle diseases.Oncotarget is edited by Mikhail Blagosklonny and also by Andrei V. Gudkov. It is generally under the leadership of very great well-known scientists, and it aids every researcher to contribute to how science is rapidly progressing. According to research, over the years since 2010, the citations per document had been rising to 2012 then have lowered down till 2016. However, the self-cites have been increasing gradually since 2011 till 2014 and then swiftly till 2016. The external citations have been decreasing over the years. The percentage international collaboration on citing has grown till 2014 but gradually reduced till 2016.

Hence the cited documents have been increasing in number compared to the uncited ones. The value put in the journal gets centered on average citation tallies from work published.In journal rankings, Oncotarget emerges the highest especially regarding the titles, which are relatively relevant to many countries in the world such as the USA. Such titles include cancer, trends in cancer and cancer discovery, immunology and immunotherapy, and also drug resistance updates. It is inevitably evident that Oncotarget’s increasing popularity is as a result of its shrewd, profitable, punctual, manifold peer-review. It helps authors actually to maximize the much influence of the research they do. The ultimate vision of Oncotarget is that life may exist without diseases, and it is undoubtedly somewhat reaching its goal.

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