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How to Hire an Event Planner

One of the best ways that you can either bring together a big group of people or celebrate a special occasion is by hosting a large event. While events and celebrations can be very fun and productive, they require a lot of work to plan. Because of this, it is often a good idea to hire an experienced event planner.


When you are looking to hire an experienced event planner, there are several steps that you should first follow. The first step of hiring an event later is to figure out a high-level idea for your event. This should include the number of people you want to invite, a general theme for the event, and your high-level budget.


The next step of hiring an event planner is to determine what services you want the event planner to handle for you. Event planners have the ability to handle all aspects of the event planning process. However, they can also be hired to only handle very specific event tasks. Regardless of what you want the event planner to handle, it is a good idea to have this part of the process clearly defined to ensure that all expectations are met.


Finally, you need to find a few different candidates to choose from. Some of the best places to find potential candidates are through consumer websites, professional organizations for event planners, and through word-of-mouth marketing. Once you have narrow down the list, you should spend a little bit of time interviewing each one to understand each event planners strengths and weaknesses.


When searching for event planning companies in New York City has a lot of options to choose from. One of the top event planners NYC is Twenty Three Layers. This company is one of the premier event planners in the city due to their experience in planning a wide range of events, helping clients develop a plan for an event, and building a large list of vendors and clients. The company has the ability to help you plan an event, and stay within budget, in dozens of different venues across the city.


Evolution of the Kabbalah Center

Nearly 100 years ago in 1922, the Kabbalah Center began with Rav Yehuda Ashlag. He wanted to share the wisdom, and worked towards making it more accessible to others. When his time was done, he assigned the task of leadership and responsibility for spreading the wisdom to Rav Yehuda Tzvi Brandwein who in turn passed the responsibility to Rav Berg.

The true beginnings of Kabbalah can be traced as far back as the 13th century. With the study of the Kabbalah becoming ever more intense, its concepts were combined with traditional Jewish beliefs and rituals. Belief of the souls movement through different stages were incorporated into religious teachings. By the 1800’s Kabbalah had become popularized throughout Europe and the Middle East by uncounted thousands seeking its wisdom.

One of them was Rav Yehuda Ashlag who later founded the Kabbalah Center. Born in 1885, he was still a young boy when he began studying Kabbalah, and became greatly interested in the work of Rav Isaac Luria (the Ari) from the 16th century. By the time he reached 36 his passion took him to Israel where he devoted himself to bringing Kabbalah out of the shadows into the light where everyone would benefit.

Rav Ashlag had a dream to bring the Kabbalah to 20th century mankind. He deeply felt that this would bring salvation to the many, not the few. In his eyes, every human was a potential vessel for God’s light, and with the right encouragement Kabbalah could change the path of mankind. Now, there are Kabbalah centers all over the world, and it spreads a little farther each day toward enlightenment for the entire human race.

In 1971 Rav Berg and Karen Mulchin married, but even before then she had convinced him to help her study Kabbalah. After a time he agreed to this and she became the first woman to publicly study it. Rav Berg said that he may have taught her about Kabbalah but she taught him about people. The day came when she told her husband they should share this wisdom with all men, women and children. At first he refused this rebellious notion, but eventually he agreed with her and together they changed the path of Kabbalah to include all humanity.

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Online Wine Purchasing with UK Vintners

It is true that wine intake makes a whole difference to our health. Every decade, there is a flurry of good news associated with wine consumption. According to recent research studies, the health benefits crop from the moderate intake of wine. From reducing heart attack to lowering the high risks of acquiring type two diabetes, this article highlights the history of wine and wine industries in the United Kingdom.

A vintner is a person involved in the wine making process. Working with a vintner is usually fun. Most of the vintners have a knowledgeable team, committed to designing exquisite wine selections for sale. Vintners have wine tasting shops for the clients of wine suppliers.

Vintners in the United Kingdom

The UK Vintners Company was established in 1363. It comprises of approximately 500 Freemen including Liverymen. The company of vintners has a long history with the United Kingdom hence the high sales of wine and the name Spiritual Home.

Prolonging its trade, social and charitable welfare in the society, the Vintners Society in the United Kingdom commits to playing the vital roles in the community. Through the foundation of vintners in the United Kingdom, the society has reaped enormous benefits. The facilities of Vintners Hall offer exceptional events venues in London.

Wine Purchasing Online

From birthday parties to any particular events, if you need wine delivered at your doorstep, the United Kingdom Merchant Vintners have your back. The firm was established in 1965.  It is owned by 20 members in approximately equal shares. Through the company, independent wine merchants have a platform for prosperity and growth. The members can access nearly £2m stock at lower prices hence more profits.

The low prices also allow members to decrease independent stock holding and maintain diversified wine portfolios. Through the UK vintners company, you can purchase wine online from the various online wine shops available. You only need to search for online wine stores and order depending on your taste and budget. The UK merchants commit to delivering your wine in the specified location.

About The United Kingdom Vintners

The UK Vintners capitalize in the purchasing and trading of the world’s’ best wine. Their focus is to deliver excellent services to clients with the aim to satisfy their demands. The vintners produce the most expensive brands from the top vineyards. The company of vintners in the United Kingdom can assist in acquiring the finest wines through their vast networks in the industry.

Give Your Lips The Benefits Of Superior Protection With EOS Lip Balm Coverage

For centuries shea butter has been used to repair and revitalize the skin. Today, it comes packed with jojoba oil in EOS lip balm products to provide superior protection for your lips. The skin on your lips is very sensitive and can be affected by products that have harsh additives. EOS products are guaranteed all natural with the benefits of superior coverage that last throughout the day. The elements including UV rays are no match for EOS products. In fact, EOS is becoming so popular on Facebook that it’s now being sought after over Chapstick products. They provide a hypoallergenic and cruelty free lip balm.

Who Is Evolution Of Smooth?

Evolution Of Smooth is a very popular lip balm that is 100% all natural. Industry favorites like Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus have been seen using EOS lip balm products. They give you superior coverage that is guaranteed to leave your lips feeling super soft with each use. Evolution of Smooth has many delectable flavors that thousands of women crave. Their unique fragrances heighten your senses and cause your lips to maintain their youthful luster. Best of all, they are priced to meet the demands of all budgets.

Evolution Of Smooth Products

– Mint kisser

– Purple Sorbet

– Wildberry

– Acai

– Blueberry

– Almond Milk

– Lemon Drop

– Strawberry Honey Dew (

and much more…

Evolution of Smooth products can easily be purchased from their website and you can also find their products on the beauty care aisle of your favorite retailer like Well. They also sell shaving cream, hand, and body lotion. Your skin will be pamper with hypoallergenic products that are safe to use everyday. Are you looking for organic coverage for your lips? EOS lip balm products provide all natural ingredients that your lips will love.


The Magnises Black Card Gives Millennials New Experiences in their City

When one moves to a new city, one first gets challenges to interact with the surrounding community. Many people are usually stuck in their career and industry. There hasn’t been any real way for members to meet and interact with people from other sectors. The result is that newbies never get to experience a city to its maximum. The Magnises team has formed the black card to allow millennials to try new experiences and meet new people. The experiences that come with the card have enabled people to live their dream life in their city.

Billy McFarland formed the Magnises community when he was merely twenty-three years. However, possessed a genius mind that was able to attract a professional social network with the great social network. He has achieved several ventures through the Magnises black card. The card is easily linked to one’s credit card to make purchases. It is exclusively meant for the millennial crowd. People that live an active lifestyle will enjoy the company for social events and a great networking community.

The card has several deals and offers attached. It has made living in a city more favorable for young professionals. As a young professional, you can show the black card and have the chance to participate in clubs and other social places. All these destinations are accessible at great discounts. Many people that have used the card have received several offers for spending on the Magnises card. Most of the offers that come with the card are similar to that offered by the American Express. The card has attracted big brands in the market such as Samsung and Tesla.

The Magnises card is not another credit card. Instead, it is an extension of an existing credit card. The Magnises card comes with a strip that gets information from the other card’s Magnetic strip. Once you become a member of the card, you will only pay $250 to use the card. The card has an online application. You may have to answer a few questions first so as to use the card. The questions are items such as your favorite restaurants or your favorite shopping destinations.

Securus Video Visitation Technology Portable For Kids And Christmas

Portability is what makes Securus Technologies video visitation so special. The technology is so easy to use that a video chat can happen on just about any device. Any electronic device equipped with speakers, a display, a microphone and a video camera can be used. Just about every device has this functionality these days.


A family member can take their inmate anywhere they want. In this video here, you can see a child talking with his father from the inside of his own bedroom. If the child wanted to, he could virtually take his father over to the Christmas tree to see his gifts. He could take daddy outside for a snowman contest if he wanted to. There is no end to the possibilities with video visitation.


This can have a huge impact on a child’s life. That same child could take his video visitation over to the desk for help with homework. The child could later take his chat inside of a closet for privacy to ask about girls. It is an incredibly discreet form of communication for the child.


Just think about it, the child doesn’t have to suffer through a physical visit. They don’t have to load into an icy, cold car for a hours-long drive to the prison on Christmas day. The family doesn’t have to pay for parking or gas. The young child is spared the intimidating process of the security screening. And the child doesn’t have to wait in a cold, hard, sterile prison for his handcuffed father to emerge.


Instead, the child can enjoy a conversation in the warmth of his pajamas. And children are getting much more accustomed to technology these days. Video chats are incredibly normal between young friends, and this technology brings them the same satisfaction. Video visitation feels like an incredibly normal part of life to a young child.


This can literally be a life saver. Research shows that losing a parent to prison as a similar psychological effect to losing a parent to death. Impressionable children everywhere are spared the indignity of our criminal justice system because of this wonderful technological innovation.


If you are not moved by the effect this technology can have for kids, perhaps you’ll be moved by the public safety argument. Technology like this reduces recidivism. Inmates that talk to their loved ones regularly are less likely to commit future crimes when released from prison.


Keith Mann Investing in Others

There are a lot of people today who want to make a positive impact on the world. Keith Mann has a variety of successful companies that he is in charge of. However, his real passion is in providing education options to children in his local community. A lot of people today are worried about how many schools do not have the proper funding. If you want to make an impact in the world, following the example of Keith Mann is the way to go. Over the years, he has helped thousands of children take the next step in life.




One of the best ways to change a community for the future is to provide quality education options for the children. A lot of poor neighborhoods are in a cycle of poverty. The children have little educational options, so they spend their time in other areas that cause them to get in trouble. Providing a variety of educational options to children is one of the best ways to change a local area. Keith Mann knows how much he can impact the lives of others in this area.


Future Plans


There are many people who are looking forward to seeing all of the work that Keith Mann has planned for 2017. There are many local schools in New York that could use additional funding. With all of the resources that he has, Keith Mann is ready to invest his time and money to help others. In a recent announcement, he donated another large amount to schools in New York that needed it.