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Discover The Benefits Of Award Winning Makeup Options


Can you imagine a purple or pink haired girl rising to the occasion of being named female entrepreneur of the year? Doe Deer started out in Russia selling novelty tattoos to her friends in school, but not before becoming popularized herself by wearing them. The trend caught on fast and she learned the concept of being an entrepreneur and making money. She also loved making her friends happy and building their confidence. Shortly after, by 17, she lived in New York City and would become a part of a music band and learn the art of marketing from this experience.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Is Born


Doe Deere didn’t remain a rockstar because other endeavors were meant to be her calling and she was never afraid to go with her unconventional way of thinking. Deere married the soloist, left the band, and improved her marketing skills. She was tired of the traditional dull colors of the late 90’s and decided that makeup needed a facelift. She was determined to create bright and vibrant colors that would soon captivate other women alike. Doe Deere started formulating and creating her own makeup and Lime Crime was quickly born.


She creates colors that dare women to be brave and make a statement with their makeup. Lime Crime offers a unique blend of makeup options that work well for busy professionals, celebrities, and everyday makeup wears. Her products are formulated with a velvetine matte base that goes on smooth and dries to a perfected mold on your eyelids or lips. Her line of products offers eye shadows and lipsticks. PR Newswire reports that their metallic colors have been one of their most popular releases of the year. Best of all, her products are waterproof, but you won’t have any problems removing them when you’re ready to take off your makeup.


You can order their products and have them conveniently shipped to your door. They offer free shipping on all purchases over a certain amount and their members are guaranteed several promotional offers that gives them the opportunity to try new products. Discover the boldness of Lime Crime as a makeup option you’ll love.

VTA Publications: The Little-Known Financial Knowledge Source Started By Jim Hunt


VTA Publications is a company not too well-known in the big financial circles, but they like to keep it that way. It’s a place that offers what they call “distance learning courses,” though certainly not in the traditional institutional sense of those words. Instead, it is geared primarily towards the self-taught and ambitious person who wants to learn about investing and taking charge of their money without the banks or brokers interfering with their decisions. The topics covered in their material are taken from timeless sources.


VTA Publications has free articles that give information on retiring, but would you believe it’s taken from the bible? Yes, it’s true the bible has more financial information available in it than you probably knew. And if you think learning how to trade stocks and read the charts is difficult, VTA has information on the subject to simplify it and help you get started. And if you want even more information on investing and starting up a business, you can read their little-known futures options booklet. In addition to material that they’ve produced, there are also recorded seminars on business and investing taken from renowned business experts that you can order at


But if you think this company is special, the man who started the company is even more so. This man is Jim Hunt, a nice and friendly man but one who has put forth some audacious plans. Hunt has done a lot of research into investing and various industries and he’s made it his life’s mission to share the wealth he’s gleaned with his followers, even if the government and big banks don’t want them to know about it. In addition to starting VTA Publications, Hunt has also produced YouTube videos in which he takes you through step-by-step processes in reading stock charts and executing trades at different times. But he’s also started two programs that have gathered attention.

Jim Hunt first started “Wealth Wave,” a secret to making money even when it seems the market is due for a loss. He says the key to this secret is making two phone calls at the right time. His second program is “Making Mum a Millionaire,” a method he says can be done in just 10 trades if you know the right stocks to do it with.

Gooee Smart Lighting Saves Money

Because of the fact that a lot of people are switching to Smart lighting simply because of the fact that save them money, Gooee has provided a variety of different products that you can choose for yourself when it comes to making the switch. You will be amazed at how much you were actually able to save when switching to Smart lighting because you can then control the lights that are in your house each and every day. More and more people are realizing that this is a wonderful option for themselves and it is why they have chosen it because of the fact that it truly works for them.

One of the most important things you are going to notice when it comes to getting smart lighting for the house is that Gooee has a variety of different options you can choose from, making it easy for you to make this final switch. You will find that you can then control the lights in your home even if you are not there and this can save you lots of money if you left lights on before leaving the house for work or even for vacation itself. Make sure to consider this as an option for yourself because it is truly something that can benefit you and many different ways and it is something you are going to want to consider simply because it is a wonderful option for you and your loved ones who are going to be using the lights all the time.

Dick DeVos Looks To Have A Greater Influence On Education And The Success Of Michigan

I have been aware of the work Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy have completed in terms of education reform for a number of years after the married couple arrived in Florida to assist in publicizing education reform in the state; Dick DeVos had already become well known in Florida for leading the resurgence of the Orlando Magic NBA franchise in the early 1990s. I was recently impressed with an interview I read with Betsy DeVos detailing the way the couple have gone about their work in reforming the education sector of the U.S. For more than 30 years Dick and Betsy DeVos have completed a series of campaigns backed by their own money that have crossed party lines and allowed these well known conservatives to work with politicians and reformers from a wide range of the political spectrum. The article went on to explain how the work of Dick and Betsy DeVos does not stop with the passing of new legislation in the states they have tried to bring education reform to, but continues with marketing campaigns to provide information about how best to make sure as many local people as possible know about school choice and voucher options.

I have also been pleased to note the philanthropic work of Dick and Betsy DeVos has not been limited to the single subject of education reform, but through the work of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation a wide range of philanthropic options have been explored. The Wikipedia page of Dick DeVos explains the couple do provide a large amount of funding for various educational institutions, including college’s such as Princeton University. Dick DeVos is a well known aviator and has been instrumental in the establishment of the West Michigan Aviation Academy that allows young people with an interest in flying to base their education in this area; the business side of the life of Dick DeVos is represented in his philanthropic work through the Thunderbird School of Global Management that provides education for students around the globe. DeVos shares many of the moral and religious beliefs of people across America and has done much to push forward these values through his leadership of the Willow Creek Association, in my opinion.

Classdojo and Changes for Classrooms

In the past, it was hard for every aspect of the classroom experience to be included in one place. Teachers and parents may have had a hard time communicating with each other and students may have felt that they were not being positively reinforced. The class Dojo experience was not integrated and it was something that was difficult for every aspect of the classroom. There were many ways in which people could do different things with their classroom but it was hard for them to be able to do exactly what they wanted when it came to helping their students succeed.


Teachers need to have a way that they can reward their students. This should be uniform and it should not involve the use of any manipulation. They should focus on this instead of focusing on negative punishments that could be detrimental to the students. Because teachers need to make sure that their classrooms are happy as a whole, they can use this positive attitude to help their students do better in the classroom and increase the morale of the classrooms that they have and the students who they have in their care.


When it comes to students, they need to also make sure that they are doing the right thing for their classroom attitude. This means that they need to make sure that they are doing everything right and that their classroom is able to experience a lot of different things. It has helped people to be able to do different things and it has allowed students to know what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. When they use the Classdojo app, they will know what they are doing right because their dojo will get points. Students can use these points to get special prizes in the classroom.


Parents need to make sure that they are able to talk with their child’s teacher on a regular basis. There are so many things that get missed because they don’t have a solid level of communication. Classdojo is changing this. They want teachers and parents to be able to talk freely and openly. The app allows parents to not only see what their child is doing and the points that they are earning but it also allows them to use the integrated messaging system to talk to their teacher throughout the school day and at different times during the week.