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Medicare Advantage Plan provides a managed health care plan that is paid on a monthly basis. In the United States, Medicare Advantage plan falls under Part C of health insurance program. Medicare Advantage plan differs from Original Medicare concerning costs, supplemental insurance, coverage of extra services such as vision and dental, referrals, nationwide treatment, drugs cover and limitation of spending.

Private Insurance that provides benefits of Medicare sells Medicare Advantage plans. The insurance policy covers Part A, Part B and also offers extra benefits in dental care and vision. Notably, Part A Medicare hospital insurance is for inpatient care. Part B stands for Medicare medical insurance that is in charge of Outpatient care. Part C includes a yearly physical exam, dental & vision care and Part D cover drugs Medicare. The most general types are; Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), Private-Fee-for-Service (PFFs) and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). You need to consult the experts when choosing the best Insurance policy. Various companies offer free counseling in health insurance to help you choose a suitable insurance plan.

There is much healthcare that provides innovative network models, offering sufficient Medicare Advantage plans. A case in point is the InnovaCare Health. InnovaCare Heath not only tops in Medicaid and Medicare Advantage plans, but also in physician practice services. InnovaCare Health is well known of its advancement in technology, pocket-friendly prices and commitment in providing eminence healthcare services. Patients at InnovaCare remain to be the most important and top priority, a reputation that contributes to membership base with over two hundred thousand individuals.

InnovaCare Health aim is to meet the challenges of today’s complex healthcare environment remaining focused on the healthy relationship, cost-effective, and innovative. For the Healthcare to uphold its values, mission and vision dedicated individuals such as Richard Shinto M.D., MBA serving as the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare and not forgetting Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer efforts need an applause. The management team led by our very own Rick Shinto consists of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable individuals in Medicaid and Medicare Advantage Plan. The Leaders are as follows;

1. Richard Shinto, M.D., MBA – President and Chief Executive Officer
2. Douglas Malton – Chief Financial Officer
3. Christopher Joyce – General Counsel
4. Penelope Kokkinides – Chief Administrative Officer
5. Michael J. Sortino, CPA – Serves in the office of Chief Accounting
6. Jonathan A. Meyers, FSA, MAAA – Chief Actuary Officer
7. S Bhasker – Chief Information Office

InnovaCare Health is suitable for your Medicare Advantage Plan and Physician practice services. As a patient, you will be given the priority, receive quality medical care and healthy relationship. The team makes the most impact in your Medicare Advantage Plan and Physician practice services.

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Understanding the SEC Whistleblower Program

Back in 2010, the Consumer Protection and Dodd-Frank Street Act was passed by the Congress. The law remains among the most stringent in regulating U.S financial sector after the Great Depression.


In this act, a new whistleblower program which provides adequate employment protections as well as economic initiatives for individuals to report any violations of the securities to SEC. Jordan A. Thomas played a significant role in developing the program alongside drafting the proposed legislation and guidelines for implementation.


The SEC Whistleblower Rewards


The SEC is expected under this program to pay any eligible whistleblower a minimum of ten and twenty percent of all the cash sanctions collected from any successful SEC enforcement action exceeding a million dollars. The whistleblower is eligible if they meet this target and for additional awards based on the financial sanctions they collect in similar actions that other law enforcers and regulatory organizations bring. Whenever there are doubts or challenges, hire a SEC whistleblower attorney.


Interestingly, the SEC has so far paid more than fifty-four million dollars to about twenty-two whistleblowers since the enactment of this law. In the 2015 financial year alone, it spent more than $37 million on eight whistleblowers. However, the most memorable is where one whistleblower received over $39 million for providing sufficient information that led to a fruitful enforcement action. It remains the highest ever reward under this program to date.


Protection from Whistleblower Retribution


All eligible whistleblowers get security against retribution. An employer cannot demote, harass, suspend, discharge, or otherwise show any discrimination against a whistleblower for reporting a matter. In case the company decides to hit back, this law offers significant relief including reinstatement, double payback, and compensation for accrued expenses among other things. In this case, a SEC whistleblower solicitor can help in better insights into the issue.


Anonymity in Reporting


When represented by a SEC whistleblower lawyer, a whistleblower can tip the SEC anonymously. The SEC can also give anonymity until they issue a reward. Whatever the case, the identity of the whistleblower must never be made public. The original information they provide leads to a successful enforcement action after a case or investigation reopens or calls for a fresh inquiry. It also applies when the conduct was already under investigation, and the original information led to a successful action.


How to Determine the Award


The SEC considers the present facts and the uniqueness of the case to determine the award percentage. Positive factors could be the case importance and the information and the degree of help the whistleblower and their SEC whistleblower layer have.

David Osio on Philanthropy

David Osio, the business magnate of Venezuelan origin, founder, and chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group, has been helping communities around the world by supporting the arts and the scientific community.

Since Osio founded Davos Financial Group and companies in 1993, he and his financial firm have been standing for social responsibility. For decades, he has been helping and sponsoring organizations, and he has been especially impacting communities in which he does business. For example, he has been donating to the Miami Symphony Orchestra, a community representative of Florida’s culture. Osio once was a board member of this foundation; thus, this organization is dear to his heart. According to Osio, this foundation has brought a lot of joy to Floridians for years.

After being involved in different industries, businesses, and firms, he established Davos Financial Group, the first of its kind in Venezuela, firm dedicated in helping a specific clientele in regards to financial advice. Thanks to Osio’s business acumen, creativity, and knowledge in business law, Davos Financial Group has obtained extraordinary amounts of revenue. Davos Financial Group has also expanded considerably, and there are independent and licensed businesses in the United States and Switzerland.

Osio has been sponsoring local and international organizations for years. The businessman is known, for instance, of helping scientific communities across the globe. He is especially fond of the The Children’s Orthopedic Foundaiton. According to Osio, funding medical research for children is crucial. Personally, he is dissatisfied with the amount of funding such field of research has received. He hopes that in the future more affluent individuals will join in the cause. Osio has also been helping the Wayuu Taya Foundation, Uma Foundation, and Fundana Foundation. Osio also cares about the arts, and he recently supported the Saludarte Foundation of Art, which is located in Miami. Carlos Cruz Dies was recently starred at this foundation.

Osio has a lot of experience in business law, banking, and in alternative investments. He started his journey as president and chief executive officer at OPED Enterprise. Here, he dealt with coffee exports. He, soon after working for this business, held an executive position in LETCO COMMERCIAL COMPANIES. Here, he managed and structured marketing programs that dealt with American markets. In 1984, he join a law firm in Caracas, Venezuela, known as GMO. When working for this firm, he dealt with very prestigious clients, such as Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. Osio studied law a the Catholic University of Andres Bello, and he pursued advanced studies at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Administration, focusing on banking and international law.

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The Expertise of David Osio and How it Aids the Local Community Today

Financial advisor David Osio, is changing the world one community at a time as he continues to contribute to good causes. Many of the causes are educational in nature, and Osio continues to contribute in every way he can. As a financial advisor, Osio has an edge with the community. While he is working with organizations within the community to plan for a better future and help them manage their funds, he is also interested in what he can do to help them continue their endeavors.

Developing business isn’t the only thing that Osio develops. He’s great at developing relationships as he continues to support the arts, music, and even medical research. Osio has been an influential individual in the financial community, but more than that he is a huge supporter of the businesses he is working with too.

Osio has never forgotten that it’s all about the people and that his endeavors span the globe. As a result, Osio strives to serve people in a philanthropic capacity. It all starts with the community, and working locally is important before he does anything globally. Osio has most recently been recognized for his continual support of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and he has been a board member as well.

As the CEO of Davos Financial Group, Osio knows that the community is always watching and listening. This is one of the reasons why he is so passionate about a local activity like the orchestra. He notes that they are “iconic”, and locally an orchestra means a lot. It could turn into a family event for many or it could be therapeutic in the eyes of those who frequently choose to attend.

The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation has been a long time recipient of Osio’s donations as well. He continues to send donations each year for the EPK events, and his personal belief is that regardless of how much someone gives, even the smallest donations are treasured by those foundations which are designed specifically to help children with medical needs and research.

David Osio is the CEO of Davos Financial Group, and his credentials are outstanding including his education at one of the top schools in Venezuela. He continues to study his industry and obtain additional professional credentials today.

Check out his Twitter @davidosio1

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Wen Keeps Hair Looking Stylish

Wen is the type of company has inspires a lot of women that are trying to find a better look for their hair. The shampoo and conditioning market has become flooded with an assortment of products. Wen has become the product that has managed to stand out as a leader in all-in-one conditioners. The majority of people that are using these products from Wen are recognizing that this brand is the best for tangled or frizzy hair. This is the brand that has surfaced as the all-in-one conditioner that even attracts celebrities.

There are working class people that try Wen products every day. Few people ever hear about the end results of the working class though. Fortunately, there are people like Emily McClure that have made a very strong commitment to letting people know what Wen is all about. People are going to take what she says to heart because she is not a paid celebrity endorser. Instead, McClure is one of the people that will become a regular user of the Wen product. She is a hair stylist so she truly wants to know if the product does as stated. This makes her job easier if there is truth to what Wen advertises.

Emily McClure has used the product several times, and McClure has discovered that her hair is easier to manage by using Wen. Her experience with the product will make people take notice of what this all-in-one deep cleansing conditioner can do. The brand has been around for a while, and a good number of people have heard about the ingredients for this product. The deep cleansing aspect of the Wen conditioner has made people take interest in what this product can do. Even Emily McClure has stated that Wen has worked well on her thin hair. Watch the Wen infomercials on QVC and YouTube to learn more about the product.


Wengie’s Bad Girl School Look To Copy: Just a Bit Naughty And Fun!

We all love YouTube sensation Wengie and her amazing routine videos, especially makeup, hair and outfits for school.

This time the golden girl goes for the Tumblr baddie role. You must check her out! She’s super adorable in every way!

Wengie puts on her glam face first with a little primer to smooth texture and for a flawless look. Then she applies a matte finish foundation and sets it with an oil-control powder. Brows are next, as Wengie cleans up the shape with a brow pencil and then adds a brow tint to add fullness and keep hairs still.

Wengie performs a skillful eye shadow routine with the amazing Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar. She uses several shades in the video to show you exactly where each shadow goes. Next, Wengie curls her lashes and uses subtle falsies, because her oily lids cause her mascara to run. Then, she applies light Pearl contour in large blends to look natural. She highlights with a semi-matte powder.

Wengie uses a lip liner to define her shape and then uses a lovely, matte nude lipstick. A peachy blush completes the entire look.

For awesome hair, make a clean hair part down the middle, all the way down back. Tie one side up. Now, for the braiding, Wengie shows you exactly how to create a gorgeous French braid. When you reach below the ears, then form into a regular braid and secure with band. Now, do that to the other parted hair.

For a cool ensemble, Wengie advises teaming up neutrals like Navy tank, high-waisted jeans, choker and Nike AirMax with backpack as an accessory.

If you love the look, then as always, please leave Wengie a comment below. Plus, if you haven’t subscribed to Wengie’s channel yet, then do it now!

How to Find Smart Lighting

When you come home from a hard day of work, one of the routine things you probably do is turn on all of the lights in your home. However, what about turning these lights on before you even get home by simply pressing a button on your smartphone or tablet. This is what smart lighting can do for you and it truly benefit those who are currently making use of it. Lots of people are switching to Smart lighting because of how beneficial it can be in their own lives and it also saves them a ton of money because it is a more energy efficient way of lighting your home.

Smart lighting works by helping you to control the lights in your home even if you are not there to do it. You can either do this through a smartphone or tablet that you might own and it is as simple as downloading an app and pressing a button to turn on lights that happened to be in your home. You will also find that smart lighting work by turning the lights on and off according to the current light situation in a particular room. This means that if a room is very well-lit during the day because of natural sunlight that is coming through the window, the light will automatically turn off and will not produce light in that room. Gooee IoT Smart Lighting can be a wonderful option for you if you are looking to save money and have greater ease of controlling the electricity in your home.

Doe Deere Succeeds In A Man’s World

Doe Deere Guest of a Guest
The world of business has traditionally been seen as the province of men. Men have been the leaders and women the consumers. One person who is trying to upend this convention and bring something entirely new to it in the process as well is business person Doe Deere. Deere is the force behind a cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Thanks to her spirit and determination, Lime Crime has emerged as one of the world’s most widely respected online cosmetics retailers. With her help, consumers around the world have found just easy it is to work with her company and get access to products that are made from high quality ingredients from someone who really cares about her work. They also know that, as a woman, Deere understands what they want from any cosmetics purchase. With her help, this online retailer has become place that is making a difference in the world.

Making Her Mark

Making her mark has not always been easy. She knows that being in business means doing a dozen things at once. Many men who enter the business field have a huge support network behind them. They often do with a great deal of cash and investors who will hang on their every word. No so with Doe Deere. Lime Crime grew out of her immense imagination and her love of cosmetics. It also grew out of her belief in herself and her love of the world of makeup. Passion and determination have been her watchwords and continue to be where she sees the world. She has leveraged her own innate devotion to color and her design sense to bring Lime Crime from an obscure corner of the world into prominence as one of the world’s foremost retailers of innovative cosmetics.

Breaking Boundaries

Her work has ultimately been all about breaking new boundaries. Breaking boundaries for her means creating cosmetics that are fun and yet allow her to show off her serious side as well. She knows that she needs to be on her toes at all times as she helps push the company into new ventures. It is this work that has helped her create the world that her fans know so well and adore so much. With her help, she has been able to bring her ideas to life and help fans see that a woman really can succeed at anything she tries to do today.

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The Kabbalah Centre: The Original Source Of Light

The Kabbalah Centre is one of the most organized facilities when it comes to Kabbalistic teachings. The educators at the center are members who are dedicated to the Kabbalah philosophies. The Centre originally opened in Los Angeles and in 1965 it was founded in the U.S. as The National Research Institute of Kabbalah. The Centre provides its sacred texts and other spiritual resources, such as Kabbalah Water to help nourish and guide the body into unity.

The Kabbalah Centre is a Los Angeles nonprofit organization led by the Berg family. It is one of the primary Kabbalah academic facilities in the world. The Centre recently recognized the Jewish holiday of Tu B’Av, identified as the holiday of love, and contributed more than 60 bags of supplies to an after-school program located in Boca Raton. In the mid-2000s, the organization purchased 3 homes in Beverly Hills for a couple and their two sons. As a league of righteous teachers, they continue to spread their love with honorable attributes. The Centre is about generating light and creating an empire full of growth and global presence. It is an organization that wants to make the ancient Jewish tradition more universal, and by doing so, they chose to create an online presence that would grow their global presence and unify the many facilities within the US.

The initial celebrity attracted to the Kabbalah Centre was Sandra Bernhard. In 1995, she began studying the Kabbalah and enjoyed the teachings so much that she introduced Madonna and Roseanne Barr to the Centre. In the late 1900’s, Madonna aided the mission of Kabbalah beliefs by promoting awareness of the Kabbalah Centre through her 1998 album “Ray of Light“. In all retrospect, this organization has touched many lives. And they continue to build awareness of the Kabbalah and its spiritual beliefs.