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Soros Wants Europe to Spend More on Aid

George Soros, a multi-billionaire hedge fund manager and a social activist, states that Ukraine needs financial aid. And so does the Wall Street Journal. This publication claims that Ukraine deserves debt relief. The Russian aggression against the former Soviet republic has taken a toll, and its debt of $19 billion isn’t sustainable.

Soros claims that the European Union nations should help Ukraine. However, this is without consideration to the fact that these countries have even bigger debts than Ukraine. In fact, much bigger.

The wealthy financier agrees, however, that the EU has problems. Indeed, he lists five of them: the structural issues with Euro, unresolved Greek debt, migration from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, Brexit, and Ukraine. To that we can add looming banking crisis in Italy.

George Soros’ response is to have the European nations spend more of their taxpayers’ money. He even proposed that Europe accepts millions of migrants and fully supports them financially for years.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

He agrees that not all the crises can be resolved at once. Some of them should be given priority. Ukraine, he states, should be handled first. One of the reasons for it is to stop Putin’s expansion.

Having prosperous Ukraine would be in the interest of Europe, the 86-year old Soros argues. He’s also familiar with the country as he has his foundations working there. In fact, his foundations operate in more than 100 countries and seek to take pressure on local governments to pursue liberal agendas.

George Soros was born to a Jewish family in Hungary. He was educated in the United Kingdom and then he immigrated to America where he made his billions speculating in the financial markets. With his superior performance, Soros made billions of dollars for himself and his investors. Over several decades, he has proven to be among the finest investors in the world.

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Burying Bad Articles Has Never Been Easier

When you think about the world of an online presence and all of the possibilities that come along with it, you know it is a double edged sword. Not only are individuals able to see anything and everything that they would like to about you with respect to your history, contact information, and even your points of view, but anyone can locate you as well. This can be seen as either a convenient means of communication in the current world, or it can be seen as an invasion of privacy where people do not get to stay off of the grid. Regardless of the reasoning, you may just want to look into pushing your personal information out of the public spotlight. The key to doing so is finding a company like Bury Bad Articles.

The good thing about Google, Yahoo, Bing and more is that as search engines continue to get better, they literally crawl every page and every corner of the web. However, the problem with this is that if they literally crawl each and every page, then the second a piece of new information is uploaded to the online world, there is a good chance it is going to be there for a long time. Throw in the fact that your online presence will be more or less permanent because of the fact that these same search engines index the information, and you are at a serious privacy disadvantage if you don’t have a plan.

When you look to the power of Bury Bad Articles, then you have the best possible plan in place. While it may be more than difficult to try and actually remove the bad articles, negative news, or private information about you, the one thing that you can do easily and quickly is to work with an organization such as Bury Bad Articles in order to push the negative or unwanted information down in the search results. You can do this simply by using the fully proven and utilized techniques that Bury Bad Articles has, and in no time you can reclaim your privacy on the internet.

Welcome to White Shark Media where we are committed to our clients’ continued success

White Shark Media is a digital advertising agency. It is a company that helps small businesses grow through proprietary marketing tools and search marketing campaigns. The company was launched in the year 2011 by three entrepreneurs who have broad knowledge and experience in both offline and online marketing.

At White Shark Media we have redoubled our effort to improve customer experience and results to address customer concerns and complaints. We have also revamped their services to offer significantly more thorough and well-rounded marketing solutions. White shark media values your feedback. We took time and listened to what you have to say and in turn, we have made many improvements in the critical areas of business. We value our clients, and your feedback is welcome. You can be sure that we will consider every detail about your business in our advertising agency.

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Have you tried running your name or your business’ on a search engine lately? Chances are not everything you saw was pleasant. There is probably some negative criticism on some blog, social media site, website, or third party review site about you or your business posted there. With approximately 81% of shoppers researching online before buying products, negative press is something you do not want for your business. It is also something you do not need as a person in employment.

Dealing with these unwarranted negative comments is not a walk in the park especially with the rise of review sites including Amazon, TripAdvisor, Trust pilot and the likes. A single disgruntled customer who posts a bad review of your product is enough to tarnish your business’ search engine results and injure your business significantly.

Now the question arises, can these unwarranted comments be taken down? I hate to burst your bubble, but it doesn’t work that way. The good news is plenty can be done to control that damage. Although it may be extremely hard to remove negative links permanently from the internet, making the negative pieces rank lower by search engines, you improve your chances of coming back to the positive light. Below, I will expound on what can be done to push bad articles down in search results.

Create and Use Social Media Profiles
In most cases, social media sites tend to rank higher on search engines compared to other sites. Create a profile on many of these sites; include some identifying information that sheds some positive light on you or your business and be sure to link them to one another. Also, ensure that your privacy settings are set to public.

Post Positive Comments on News Articles and Public Forums
By using your real name to register on sites and commenting on articles, you will be selling yourself positively. Bear in mind the fact that everything you say online may be used against you. Posting intelligently is important.

Start a Blog
Blogging is a very effective tool for pushing down negative search engine results. Be sure to use positive keywords and optimize them correctly.

Engage and reward positive results
Thank people for their positive comments, and even go on to blog about those comments and create links to those observations. Google has a tendency of ranking search results from the number of times content is linked to.

About Bury Bad Articles
They are an online forum that specializes in reputation management. There are dedicated to ensuring that businesses stop losing their clients from unwarranted negative comments.

Find Out The Secrets To Building Wealth With VTA Publications

Jim Hunt is a popular investment professional that believes people should take their own lives in their hands. He suggests that you surround yourself with positive people and leave the naysayers behind. In fact, negative people will tell you there isn’t enough time or resources, but like minded professionals understand your plight to accomplish your dreams. Hunt also understands to finance your dreams you have to have money and starting your own business from one of his financial strategies is highly recommended. He is the proud Founder & CEO of VTA Publications a financial strategy course that can work for anyone.

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Choosing FreedomPop Services Is Always A Great Choice

Cell phone service providers will list the price of their cell phone plans, depending on a customer’s needs for the type of plan they are choosing. One person may need more data than others, and some plans will limit the text messages or phone calls a person makes in order to make the price lower. Since many feel that they should be able to use their cell phone service as they please, many have opted for unlimited services, but these services can be costly. One of the best unlimited services at the lowest price is offered by FreedomPop for only $20 monthly.

Many are hard-pressed to believe that any company would charge only $20 for unlimited cell phone service, but there is obviously proof is in the pudding. The fact is, FreedomPop can offer $20 unlimited service because they are on the Sprint network, which gives them some leeway to lower the prices for the same services that would be offered by Sprint as well as other companies. The services are not lacking in quality, and those who have had bad call experiences with other cell phone companies will be very happy with FreedomPop.

The calls that can be made using the FreedomPop service is crystal-clear, and the unlimited service offers unlimited everything, which includes text messages, talk time, and a lot of data. Although only 1 GB of 4G LTE data is given on this plan, those who do simple tasks such as downloading music, watching videos, and going on the Internet can still use their phones when it drops to 3G speeds. Those who occupy themselves making a lot of phone calls won’t have to worry about limited phone calls as well as limited text messages on this excellent plan. The best part is the fact that the price will never go over $20 each month.

Anyone who is interested in other FreedomPop offers can inquire about their Wi-Fi services, which gives unlimited Wi-Fi service in millions of hotspots for only five dollars every month that the person chooses to use the plan. Other services that FreedomPop offers are portable hotspots, home Internet service, cell phone sales, and tablet sales. FreedomPop surely can be a one-stop place for anyone who wants to get today’s latest technology, especially if they want to pay as little for the technology as possible. Those interested in signing up for FreedomPop services can do so online or in specified retail locations.

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Kyle Bass Thrives On Deception

It’s easy to stab somebody in the back and take their money. The hard part is getting away without getting caught, and this is where Kyle Bass’ true talent lies. His Wall Street tactics are nothing short of cutthroat. They’re underhanded and exploitative to an astonishing level. Consider CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. This organization preys on the sympathies of individuals who are sick, as well as their friends and family. Through petitions, lawsuits, legislation, and any means necessary, Bass uses this pseudo-humanitarian group to force big-ticket pharmaceuticals into devaluing their medicine, decimating its cost on the market. The end result is a similar loss of stock value on Wall Street. When the drop hits, Bass short-sells his holdings and makes millions. Meanwhile, the pharmaceutical companies he’s hamstrung have to curtail funding to departments which don’t yield regular quantifiable ROI (Return On Investment), like R&D (Research and Development). Without R&D, cures and treatments of the successful kind just on the horizon may be indefinitely suspended. In the end, the sick Bass lets on to represent have been served worse than had they done nothing at all.

Useful Stooges just mentioned in their article, Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler,  is also involved with Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner has given Argentina the double-default, economically, in only thirteen years. That’s impressively bad leadership–how can Bass support her? Yet he does.

With these things in mind, when Bass has said that China’s economy is headed for a collapse based on a debt-bubble implosion within the next three years, and that there’s a forty-to-fifty percent chance of that implosion happening in 2016, understand that he’s playing an angle. In a recent Bloomberg article, Bass was quoted saying that, should China devaluate their currency in a way that is “material”, Asian investment could be historically good. How can that be, if the Chinese economy will be forced into a buyout vis-a-vis 2008’s Great Recession between now and 2019? It can’t be, Bass is vacillating. What he’s really saying is: “China could do good or bad.” But what he’s making it sound like is: “You’d better pull out your investments.” Some people will, too; which may end up collaterally diminishing China’s economy.

Global Tel Link up to No Good, Securus Says

Law enforcement agencies invest millions of dollars a year in companies that provide tech solutions they need in order to meet the demands of an increasingly connected world. This covers many needs, particular that of communication. Given the responsibilities of law enforcement agencies and their public and private partners, integrity is something that is always at the forefront of their minds when considering a contractor to help them establish communications. And when that company fails to meet the threshold for reliability it can cost everyone a great deal of money and trust.

Securus Technologies seems aware of this circumstance and has turned attention towards Global Tel Link, who they’ve claimed have abused the trust of law enforcement and local governments in a breach of integrity that the public should be aware of.

Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, has announced that his company has engaged in an investigation of Global Tel Link’s business practices after learning of possible lapses in business ethics and outright unlawful behavior. The results of which can be found on their site.

From the course of their investigation, Securs uncovered a report compiled by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. The report was the result of a separate investigation in Global Tel Link’s business practices after being contracted by the Louisiana Department of Corrections to establish outbound telecom services. What the Public Service Commission uncovered was a host of unwarranted and unlawful practices carried out by Global Tel Link that allowed them to overcharge the Louisiana Department of Corrections. At the end of their time with Global Tel Link, taxpayers in the state were charged some $1.2 million in charges that were not authorized to be carried out.

Smith has called the findings shocking and Global Tel Link’s business practices shameful. There are more findings that Securus plans to release over the course of the next six months, and encourages the public to visit Securus to learn more.


Shaygan Kheradpir has been named the new CEO of Coriant. He takes over from Pat DiPetro who has been bumped down to vice chairman with role of being an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. Marlin Equity Partners is a private equity firm that brought Coriant into existence by joining together the optical units of Sycamore Networks, Nokia and Tellabs.

Kheradpir is well versed with the vendor’s operations having worked very closely with the senior management since the beginning of the year. He worked in his official capacity as the operating executive partner. Kheradpir has proven to be a force to reckon with especially in the supply of innovative networking solutions to leading network operators all over the world. This is inclusive of nine of the ten global tier 1 Communications Service Providers (CSPs).

Shaygan Kheradpir boasts with over 28 years of executive experience in the telecom and financial services field. He kicked off his career at GTE Corporation and was later appointed Verizon’s EVP and Chief Information Officer. At the same time, he was a member of the executive team that was responsible for modernization of systems, efficiency and pioneering product initiatives. Shaygan then joined Barclays as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer as well as serving as a member of the bank’s Executive Committee. While still in Barclays, he was among the founding members of the company’s TRANSFORM program that was a milestone for the bank in the 21st Century. Shaygan holds a Ph.D., masters and a bachelor’s in engineering from Cornell University. He has numerous patents in the fields of telecom, media, and payments. He was also on the board of the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology and on the Cornel University Engineering Council.

Questions abound on the suitability of Khedapir as Coriant’s new CEO given is devastating exit form Juniper Network Incs. Nonetheless, human is error and what makes a better man is his ability to correct his past mistakes. Khedapir is a man of great stature and his deployment to the CEO position is well-deserved and thought of. However, his competitors that include the likes of Alcatel-Lucent, Ciena, Cisco and Huawei will not be willing to look at it this way and therefore would want to make the most of this appointment. Besides, the optical systems vendor serves about 500 customers and has an estimated annual turnover of $ 1 billion dollars and seeks to outsmart its competitors; Which CEO would not be placed under a lot of scrutiny in this case?(see for more information)


Advice from George Soros

George Soros is one of the wealthiest people in the world. Ranked #23 by Forbes, his net worth is at least $24.9 Billion. His source of wealth is mainly from hedge funds and self-acquired. Soros is aged 85 and a married father of five.

With a Bachelor of Arts/ Science from the London School of Economics, Soros recently gave his opinion on Britain’s idea of exiting from the EU. His main worry is the impact this decision would have on the currency and stock market. George Soros’ warning is as a result of the significant vote scheduled for Thursday to determine this issue.

George stated that in an event of a ‘Brexit’- a name coined from the exit of Britain from the EU, the sterling pound would fall resulting in a disaster Black Friday. Black Friday is a term that tries to explain what would happen come Friday and the vote for Brexit had won. On 16th of September 1992, the British government withdrew its currency from the European Rate Mechanism (ERM), due to inability to keep it over the set limit. The withdrawal resulted in a financial disaster for some while others like Soros profited.

As a campaigner of a single currency, George Soros says that the outcome of this vote will have an impact on financial positions for most of the ordinary people. If the value of the sterling pound declines, at least every household good will is affected. The vote for Brexit would also make a significant and almost immediate impact on jobs, prices, financial markets, and investment.

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How Billionaire George Soros Profited From Brexit’s ‘Black Friday’

George is not the only one advocating for Britain to remain in the European Union. Public figures such as the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, made their opinions known. Cameron stated that ‘Brits don’t quit.’ Celebrities from Britain such as David Beckham and his wife Victoria were for the #remain.

The devaluation of the currency would be greater than many of the people imagine. Polls carried out in Britain show that the number of those for and against the idea is almost equal. The vote is, however, likely to swing on any side. In 1992, during the ‘Black Wednesday’, Soros was one of the greatest beneficiaries. He pocketed a cool $1.5 billion at the expense of the Bank of England.

Soros is a generous man who tries to give back to society in every possible way. He established Open Society in 1979 with the aim of improving lives of people around the world by recognizing that everyone is unique. The society has helped black students from South Africa to acquire scholarships to university. Students from Eastern Europe have also gotten chances to study in the States.

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