Lime Crime Takes to Instagram

The beauty industry is being shaken up by changes happening in the social media world. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, @limecrimemakeup, are changing the way products are marketed today, and those who are in the know are taking advantage of these changes in very clever ways. One of the beauty companies at the forefront of all of this is Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Lime Crime is the brainchild of Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, a Russian emigre who grew up in New York City but who now manages her beauty company out of trendy Los Angeles.

Going Bold

One of the keys to the appeal of Lime Crime is the way Doe Deere uses color. Her color line is bold and very unique, with lipsticks in shades that go from glittery pink to deep red to purple, orange, electric blue, green and yellow. Yes, it’s offbeat, but somehow it really works. The proof is in the over 2 million followers Lime Crime now boasts on Instagram.

Lime Crime has been very smart in its use of social media, going beyond just promoting products on sites like Instagram. On their blog Lime Crime encourages its product users to be interactive and to send in photos of their beauty ideas using Lime Crime products. The followers of Lime Crime on Instagram are highly inventive in their use of color and shading, with the result that the Lime Crime page is a riot of color and ideas, with many of the photos created by the line’s followers themselves.

With a full line of gorgeous lip colors and shadows, priced at reasonable levels yet with a quality that’s comparable to higher priced products, Lime Crime is having a breakthrough in the beauty industry. This line is paving the way in its use of social media, and the results are frankly beautiful. See the full line on Urban Outfitters.

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