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Attorney Luciana Lóssio Is The New Minister Of The Brazilian Superior Electoral Tribunal

Brazil has been in the news lately for a number of reasons. The Zika virus epidemic, the Summer Olympics and the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff have been making headline news all over the world. But a lot of the news about Brazil’s political system has been presented in a way that undermines the dedicated individuals that work every day to uphold the integrity of the Brazilian legal system. One of those dedicated individuals is Luciana Lóssio. Luciana Lóssio is a Brazilian attorney and the new minister of the Brazilian Superior Electoral Tribunal. The Superior Electoral Tribunal is the highest body of electoral justice in the country. Luciana Lóssio is replacing Minister Arnaldo Versiani. Lóssio has a reputation for being a no-nonsense attorney and an expert in electoral law. Lóssio is taking over as the country faces the impeachment proceedings of President Dilma Rousseff.

The minister of the Superior Electoral Tribunal is elected by secret votes that are cast by the Justices of the Supreme Court. There are seven members of the Superior Electoral Tribunal. Five of the members are elected by a secret vote, and two are elected by the president of Brazil. Luciana Lóssio was appointed minister of the tribunal because of her track record as an electoral law attorney. She is one of the top electoral law attorneys in the country. She is respected for her technical knowledge, and her ability to make a difference in the Brazilian legal system. Lóssio is one of the few women that have made it to the top of the Brazilian justice system.

Luciana Lóssio received her law degree in 1999 from Centro Universitário de Brasília, and she earned to more law degrees in civil procedural law and a degree in state constitutional law. She worked for the Attorney General of the Republic for seven years. Through the years, she has represented several high-profile individuals that needed help getting through the complicated electoral system. Luciana is bringing a wealth of legal knowledge to the Superior Electoral Tribunal, and her expertise will help get the corruption out of the electoral process.

Wen by Chaz is an Instant Upgrade for Hair

Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner has been known to work wonders on all different types and textures of hair. Some women think their hair presents a more challenging task than others. For this editor of Bustle, she was convinced that her hair was too fine and sparse to be transformed into amazing locks. She gave Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner a try anyway to see what it could do with her hair. She wrote an article about her experience (see, using Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner so that the facebook community could see just how wonderfully it worked on her hair. She did not receive any kickback from Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner for her article, but it does read like a glowing endorsement. She said that she loved being able to run her fingers all the way through her hair and that it didn’t look like it had too much product in it. Although she could not skip days between washing her hair with Wen hair cleansing conditioner, she did like that the product simplified her routine because she did not have to use a bunch of extra products on her hair to get it styled.
Chaz Dean’s cleansing conditioner has been changing lives with beautiful hair results since 1993. For more than two decades, Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner has been the product of choice for so many women who love seeing their hair moisturized and shiny after just one use. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner was made to be used everyday as a shampoo and conditioner all in one. Depending on how long or thick your hair is, you can use more pumps of Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner to get your desired results. Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner is truly a hair care solution for every woman.

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Lime Crime Takes to Instagram

The beauty industry is being shaken up by changes happening in the social media world. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, @limecrimemakeup, are changing the way products are marketed today, and those who are in the know are taking advantage of these changes in very clever ways. One of the beauty companies at the forefront of all of this is Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Lime Crime is the brainchild of Internet entrepreneur Doe Deere, a Russian emigre who grew up in New York City but who now manages her beauty company out of trendy Los Angeles.

Going Bold

One of the keys to the appeal of Lime Crime is the way Doe Deere uses color. Her color line is bold and very unique, with lipsticks in shades that go from glittery pink to deep red to purple, orange, electric blue, green and yellow. Yes, it’s offbeat, but somehow it really works. The proof is in the over 2 million followers Lime Crime now boasts on Instagram.

Lime Crime has been very smart in its use of social media, going beyond just promoting products on sites like Instagram. On their blog Lime Crime encourages its product users to be interactive and to send in photos of their beauty ideas using Lime Crime products. The followers of Lime Crime on Instagram are highly inventive in their use of color and shading, with the result that the Lime Crime page is a riot of color and ideas, with many of the photos created by the line’s followers themselves.

With a full line of gorgeous lip colors and shadows, priced at reasonable levels yet with a quality that’s comparable to higher priced products, Lime Crime is having a breakthrough in the beauty industry. This line is paving the way in its use of social media, and the results are frankly beautiful. See the full line on Urban Outfitters.

George Soros Works for Open Societies

George Soros has never been known to stay quiet on important issues, especially when those issues involve defending human rights or protecting freedom around the globe. It comes as no surprise that he remains incredibly active in the Open Society Foundations, which he established after his amazing professional success in investing in financial markets.

While many people know of Soros’ amazing professional accomplishments and unique ability to analyze international currency market trends for investors, his philanthropic endeavors receive far less press from the mainstream media. With a presence in over 100 countries around the world, the Open Society Foundations work in the areas of education, youth outreach, public health care, economic development and immigrant rights to make the world a better and less dangerous place for millions of people who are almost trapped by authoritarian or otherwise oppressive governments. The subject matter of the Open Society Foundations’ programs is intentionally broad because George Soros says he wants his foundations to have the flexibility to address whatever needs present the biggest obstacle for the protection of human rights. Soros further understands that these private organizations may be able to step in and do good at times when governments or political parties are handicapped from making real progress in the lives of real people. During the last thirty years alone, the Open Society Foundations have spent more than $13 billion on global initiatives.
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Central to the mission of the Open Society Foundations is the ability to have open and spirited debate over social and political issues. Soros is unwavering in his respect of the diversity of opinions and thinks that all people should have a place do discuss their opinions openly. The Open Society Foundations do not shy away from controversial issues at all. In fact, the Open Society Foundations often embrace controversial issues as an opportunity to make sure that the rights of minorities are not trampled upon. In all things, the Open Society Foundations want to make sure that the people have the ability to address their governments directly and feel empowered to do so. Because of this philosophy, the Open Society Foundations work to increase the power and influence of historically excluded groups so that their voice can eventually be heard and have an impact.

Part of the work of the Open Society Foundations involves partnering with businesses to make sure that they are operating in a transparent way that upholds the rule of law for all citizens. Under Soros’ vision for the Open Society Foundations, businesses play a vital role in promoting good governance around the world. Therefore, the Open Society Foundations carefully monitor the interactions between governments and businesses and take action when they feel that there is an inappropriate amount of influence coming from the private sector businesses on the government, which the Open Society Foundations believe should be representing the people first and foremost. Soros is very vocal in his support for effective government regulation of businesses to prevent free market capitalism from destroying the common good.

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The Importance of Using NutriMost to Stay Healthy and Fit

Many people complain on facebook that they have problems in maintaining their weight and as a result prone to many diseases like diabetes, suffer from high blood pressure and other chronic diseases. To stop some of these diseases, many people have resort to weight control plans that work for some time. The weight comes back or the weight control plan they use simply backfires and their weight remains the same. Nutrimost is one of the best and most effective health and fitness program that has been able to help many people across the United States. The advantage of using this program is that one is able to experience positive results with forty days.
Doctor Rob Vasquez from San Antonio had struggled with his weight for quite some time which was followed by health complications ranging from frequent headaches. He had tried different ways of cutting his weight but none had been effective. When he started using NutriMost, it produced amazing results for his health. He managed to cut his weight considerably and no longer suffered from the illnesses he had before. When he started using the NutriMost program he lost almost thirty pounds in forty days after the start of the program.

According to NY FatLoss, a person struggling with his weight and suffering from chronic diseases ought to consume many fruits. This is because the fruits are rich in natural sugars that contain essential components. To monitor the weight and track the changes of the body of the person going through the NutriMost program, it is advisable to get a body composition analysis. It gives accurate assessment of one’s weight loss goals by measuring the weight, body mass index, fat percentage and the percentage of body water.

Nutrimost is by far the most effective health and fitness program that anyone struggling with their weight and illnesses brought by the undesired weight can adopt. This is because it encompasses technology to ensure that each person gets a program that is customized for his own individual use so as to help him lose weight.

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