Thor Halvorssen Accuses Bernie Sanders of Wanting Democratic Socialism

Trish Regan interviewed Thor Halvorssen, Human Rights Foundation, on Fox’s Intelligence Reports. Regan asked Halvorssen why he believes that Socialism violates basic human rights. Halvorssen wanted people to clearly understand his position. He is all for Socialism as long countries don’t violate the rights of the people and have separate government systems, such as in Denmark and Sweden. When a country uses Socialism as a way to cover up their real agenda to control the rights of their citizens, then Thor Halvorssen has a problem with Socialism. Trish Regan wanted to define what Socialism is because she believed that it was possible that Bernie Sanders supporters were not clear about what socialism is. Halvorssen said that there are many definitions of Socialism including academic and historic. Some people think that Socialism, Communism, and Marxism are the same thing. When a government makes decisions for the people, such as deciding what the prices of things should be, then problems can like shortages that will hurt the public. This disturbs Halvorssen.

Despite Thor Halvorssen’s objection to Bernie Sanders’s support for a Socialism government, the economist supports Sanders’s campaign and has made donations, funding it. Halvorssen is opposed to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy practices and believes that he would rather live with Bernie Sander’s Socialist style of government. He doesn’t believe that Sanders will be abusive to people who disagree with his style government should he win the presidency.

Thor Halvorssen has personal experience with Socialist governments that are dictatorial. Halvorssen’s family was in Venezuela where his father,Thor Halvorssen Hellum, became a political government prisoner, accused of money laundering and bank fraud. His mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez during a demonstration against Venezuela’s recalling the Social Referendum of 2004. His first cousin is currently imprisoned in Venezuela for protesting against Hugo Chavez. Halvorssen believes that these tragic things happened to his family because of Democratic Socialism when the ruler decided to control everything that went on in the entire country. The human rights advocate does not believe that redistribution of wealth will end poverty and create more wealth.

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