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What Do Your Web Results Say About You?

The internet is a bastion of information and now you can find almost anything you need to know in a few clicks of your keyboard. For some, the internet is a place to grow a business, cultivate a web presence, and create a social status in front of the world. However, as we use the internet more and more we start to incur a real web presence. Darius Fisher, the CEO of Status Labs, pointed out a few ways that you can take care of your brand name’s web results in order to maximize your presence and cultivate a quality online profile.

Social Media Privacy Settings
Websites like Facebook and Twitter are the go-to spots for people to share their off-the-cuff opinions in a comfortable and social setting. However, after you’ve posted long enough on a website like Facebook you start to see that your profile is truly taking shape. Now when people search your name on the web engines they will be linked to a profile that could, potentially, showcase far too much information. With this in mind Fisher stringently advocates for following privacy settings to the utmost highest setting. Make sure to lock down your profile on every front to ensure that your info doesn’t get scraped by search engines and compiled for everyone to see when searching your name.

Investigate Your Web Results
The only way to know how good or bad your web presence is, is by searching it yourself. Log out of your Google account and then do a search for your name or brand. Look through a few pages of results, investigate the Google Image results, and find out any problem areas. Is there outdated information here? Are there unflattering articles that paint what you are trying to do in a poor light? Are old profiles still popping up? Now that you know what issues you face it is time to get proactive and deal with them. Delete your outdated profiles, contact websites that host your content and request it to be removed, and be mindful of what you need to do post in the future.

Create a Stronger Presence
Now that you’ve identified and remedied your problematic web results, it is time to actually replace them with good results. Status Labs, the company that Fisher runs, can help you create an online web presence that perfectly encapsulates your goals and aspirations. Contact them for a consultation and achieve what you are setting out to do.

Shining Stars in Nashville Business

Part of the Nashville-area’s largest developers have paid just under two million dollars for forty-four total acres on Brick Church Pike to put together a new warehouse building.

Panattoni Development decided to begin working on construction this month on Skyline Distribution Park, which contains nearly 600,000 square feet of total area inside triple set buildings. The project is set to be completed by fall 2016, it will be one first Class A warehouse piece built off not using tenants in hand over a span of six years.

Jeff Konieczny, a building manager for Panattoni’s lower regions, stated that the park should be built to address a shortage of recent warehouse space very close to the downtown area radius. The best benefit of this property being built is its visibility and close connections to the highways.”

The touching lands Panattoni obtained from the Oman family is packaged with thirty acres on Southerland Drive and a dozen acres on Brick Church Pike.

The total scheduled warehouse buildings contain 375,000, 125,000 and 100,000 square feet. They will be able to be seen have visibility from nearby interstates all around. They will allow users with a wide range of sizes from 20,000 square feet to over three thousand square feet.

Alston Construction, Panattoni’s contractor in crime, will put together Skyline Distribution Park. JLL is the exclusive leasing agent on the job.

Skyline Distribution Park will be built to ensure the best connections to Nashville and the area altogether. It will be able to be seen from interstates all around and anyone close by will have access.

The local developer just delivered the one million square foot Under Armour building in Mt. Juliet and is focusing on offering coexisting six hundred thousand square feet buildings near CenterPointe Distribution Park.

On Nashville’s Music Row, Panattoni is finishing off the project of a huge one hundred thousand square foot building at 35 16th Ave. Performing rights organization SESAC will be working the event.

Scott Lumley, Partner of Resolve Financials, is a well experience financial representative. He has a lot of industry experience and vast knowledge that is ever so cherished. He has a past focused in on remodeling and purchasing old homes to try and flip them for profit. Also bringing them to a more modern feeling.

Lumley worked as the president of Large-Lots for the duration of three years. He is very active on social media and also worked on retail. Then he went onto becoming president of Nashville Bros which was focusing on a start-up basketball franchise just for a month. Now he is working in the financial department.

Skout Has Made Many Couples Happy

There are many online dating apps out there for one to use when they are looking for someone to flirt with, or to potentially marry, and that is a great thing for all of those who have a hard time connecting with others in real life. It’s nice for people to know that there is somewhere they can go to meet other single individuals, so that they don’t have to be lonely. There are many different dating apps out there, and there are many options of how one may go about dating in that way.

Out of all of the dating apps out there, there is one that stands out as being unique. Skout has done things differently from day one, and the way that people are able to connect through it is unique from other apps and websites. Skout is all about helping people to become connected with others in their area. It’s all about letting a couple go out and have a good time together, whether they are just looking to flirt or want something more out of the relationship. This dating app provides a way to date that is completely unique, and many people love it for that. The company has been doing well since it first came out, and many people have had the chance to connect through it.

There are so many different dating apps out there, and it may become confusing to some as to the differences between them all. Some people may even believe that there are no differences from one app to the other, but that is not true. Some social media apps help people to connect with others in their area, while other apps don’t have that feature. Some apps allow people to get out on a date right away, while others aren’t quite that quick at getting a couple set up.

Everyone who is wanting to date in this way is going to have to be careful of which app they choose to use. But once they have chosen the right dating app, such as Skout, they will be sure to have fun with it. They should have the chance to get connected with someone who they will have a lot of fun with, or maybe even eventually marry, and that is a great thing. Every dating app offers the opportunity for true love to arise, and that is what is so great about them all.

Skout is one of the best dating apps out there, and it is one that has made many people happy since it started out. And that is something for everyone to keep in mind when considering getting on a dating app.

Famous Beauty Channels On YouTube

For many years men and women all over the world have turned to YouTube for help applying make up, choosing a skincare regimen, finding a new hairstyle and tons of other beauty and skincare related issues. There are many different channels on YouTube dedicated to all things beauty however some stand out more than others.

One of the biggest beauty gurus on YouTube is Wengie who is a Chinese woman living in Australia that produces videos all about beauty and skincare as well as some videos about food, hair care and other lifestyle topics. Although she does focus on Asian beauty her channel covers a huge variety of brands and trends.

Wengie was one of the first beauty bloggers to hit the YouTube scene when she created her channel back in 2010. Over the past 5 years her popularity has not stopped growing due to her amazing talent and skills in creating content as well as her fun, positive and unique personality. In every video whether it is make up related, food related or just a typical everyday chat video you can get a true sense of how passionate and caring she really is and that makes her videos that much better.

Wengie likes to come up with new and exciting video ideas as well as come up with new ways of improving old videos ideas. One of her most popular videos is her 20 Makeup Hacks In 5 Minutes video in which she makes a video talking about the most popular skincare and makeup hacks and tests them out to see if they actually work. In a 5 minute video she gives you tips and tricks to better concealer coverage, bigger looking eyes, a better winged liner and so many other great tips and ideas all while giving you a demonstration on whether or not they work. It is one of her most popular videos not only because of the time and effort she put into the video but also for her honest and informative feedback. Her honest and informative feedback are just a few of the many reasons why so many viewers tune in and subscribe everyday.

Forefront Investment Trust Caters To Non-Accredited Investors

The investment world is a distinctly divided world. One part of the investment world caters to the upper 1 percent that controls the money and the power around the world and the other part of that world is designed for the small investor that makes less than $200, 000 a year and has a net worth under million dollars. Most of the big investment houses like to work with the big dogs because investing is a game of numbers. The bigger the numbers, the bigger the reward. Capital investment companies make money if their investors make money, and most of them make a lot of money.

Forefront Capital is one investment company that is changing the way they make money and the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, thinks his new approach is going to be very attractive to investors that are not in the top 1 percent. Brad Reifler is catering to non-accredited investors, and he thinks those investors can make more money in his new Forefront Income Trust.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) defined an accredited investor as either a corporation or person with a net worth over a million dollars not including a primary residence and income that exceeded $200,000 for at least two years. But in 2010, the SEC changed the rules a little. The new definition of an accredited investor is someone with professional credentials, or a Series 7 license and investing experience as well as an educational background that could help the individual pass a sophisticated financial test.

Reifler wants to get away from those investors, and he want to concentrate on middle-class investors that may not have a lot of investing experience or a Series 7 license. Reifler wants to help close the gap between the 1 percenters and the rest of the population and he thinks his Forefront Income Trust will help accomplish that. The Forefront Income Trust gives investors a chance to invest $2,500 in Forefront Income Trust products that can produce better than 8 percent returns depending on the risk factors involved in the investment.

Mr. Reifler got the idea for the Forefront Income Trust from a 529 college savings plan that lost money. When his children were ready for college, the savings plan had lost 40 percent of its value, and it was worth less than when he started it. Reifler knew he wasn’t the only investor to lose money in these savings vehicle, so he decided to develop a product that would make money.

Brad Reifler has a lot of successful investing experience. He started Pali Capital in 1995, and that company is now worth over $200 million. In 2009, Reifler Founder and became CEO of Forefront Management Group, LLC and Forefront Capital Management, LLC, Forefront Capital Markets, LLC and Forefront Advisory, LLC.

Kyle Bass: Founder of Hayman Capital Management

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass has a theory about what might happen to the credit growth in Asia over the next couple of years. Bass has a trade strategy to match.

Kyle Bass, the Hayman Capital Management founder and managing partner and financial blogger, told CNBC‘s economist group that Chinese banks have grown too large compared to the country’s GDP. The population is growing to fast for the economy or GDP to keep up with. He said the result of this would be a loan-loss cycle. Another aspect going to be affected is credit. The credit market is going to suffer greatly as consumers will buy less of credit and others won’t be able to pay off their previous debt. This not only hurts the credit market but other markets as well. Consumers won’t be able to help circulate the economy if there is no more consumer spending.

Bass said he is not short Chinese banks, but rather more the rest of the financial institutions across China, specifically those are not physically in China and Japan, but that loan out money to China. He declined to give any specific names. While these can’t be named, there are an essential part in the success of the China market.

He predicts that since Chinese banks have gotten too big, they will eventually lose all of their equity or loss all assets. However, China does have the ability to deal with it through several saved up financial resources and a strong government that is motivated to repair the banks after a lot of economic damage. It could result in an end to double-digit credit growth in China, he said. When the credit is back under control, the China Economy will be back in track to glory. If the credit isn’t growing at double digits in China, then it is not going to grow at double digits in other parts of Asia. That is main financial problem that could bring down the other financial institutions across Asia.

Bass, founder of Dallas-based fund, Hayman Capital Management, in 2006, made his fortune and worldwide headline fame by correctly predicting the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis results. For a while there, he was a superstar and got a ton of credibility. He was M. Night Shayamalan in 2001, coming out of nowhere to get nominated for both his script and direction of The Sixth Sense. Observers claimed that Bass was pure genious and nothing he did could go wrong. However, time went on has not been kind to Kyle Bass.

Bass became to throw his career down the drain after the sketchy ties with General Motors. He decided to take his big mouth on TV and shift the blame of fatalities on faulty airbags to everyone being drunk and not wearing seat belts. This turned into a messy lawsuit and Bass lost all credibility for this selfish and cruel act.

Reasons Behind The Emergence of Brazil Real Estate Companies

Over the years, Brazil has been developing its economic platforms to enable it compete favorably in the international market. This has led to increased economic development in Brazil. Brazil has continued to invest heavily in the housing industry in a mid to settle the growing population. As a result, many real estate companies have emerged in the recent years providing affordable housing facilities to the general public. As a result, Brazil has moved from a third world country to a faster developing nation that focuses on sustaining its economic development agenda. The government has also provided an enabling environment for different companies to invest in the world of real estate. As a result, the construction and infrastructure development have taken the center stage in spearheading the development of Brazil into an economic hub. Sao Paulo is one of the cities in Brazil that has invested a lot of resources in real estate development. This has led to the development of two main popular real estate companies’ Cyrela Brazil Reality and Rossi Residential. These are just but a few companies that have changed the housing industry in the entire Sao Paulo. Due to some recent economic constraints, the real estate companies have experienced some losses. Their profit net has reduced and the companies have initiated better ways of tapping into the available economic platforms to improve their profit outcome.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos is one of the leading real estate companies in Brazil. The company has continued to invest a lot of resources with the aim of capitalizing of the available opportunities from the growing population. The company was established in 2004 and has continued to grow into a multinational company. It recently landed the contract of building one of the most notable hotels in Brazil. The hotel is called Villa Park tanhangá and will be constructed in one of the most quite places in the west zone. The hotel is geared towards proving the most comfortable experience from the visitors and members of the public. It is geared towards being a comfort zone for family bonding and holiday destination providing ample space to interact and enjoy peaceful holidays.

Cabral Garcia Empreendimentos has invested a lot of resources in employing the most experienced workers in the industry, and advancing their projects into the west zone. Due to this professional expertise, the company has continued to develop the industry into being among the most performing industries in the world. The company has continued to focus on modernization which has made it to acquire new and sophisticated equipments and skills in managing the real estate industry.

Culture and Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular over the last decade. In places such as Brazil, Greece, and much of Asia there is no cultural issue when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is often done to restore or alter the body to make it more aesthetically pleasing. There are various types of reconstructive surgeries that are performed throughout the world with the intention of restoring the body after major accidents. Cosmetic surgery has become more popular. Over fifteen million operations were performed throughout 2014 in the United States and rose by three percent since 2013. Methods of surgery has become increasingly reliable leading to fewer complications as a result.

In places such as South Korea and Brazil, cosmetic surgery is very common because of the culture and access to surgeons willing to perform these operations. In South Korea, for example, the cost of most operations is roughly one third of what it would be in the United States. In Brazil, the government offers tax deductions to have cosmetic surgery performed.

It is undeniable that humans, by their nature, will judge others based on appearances. Cosmetic surgery has allowed many to improve their self-confidence. It has given million equal access to enhanced beauty. As long as societies have standards for beauty, people will strive to meet those standards. With the safety and long-term effects of cosmetic surgery no longer being major concerns, it has become increasingly popular to get these procedures done as the social stigma associated with them have become relatively insignificant.

One major advocate of cosmetic surgery has been Doctor Jennifer Walden. She is representative of a changing view on cosmetic surgery. In the United States and many European cultures, there is a notion similar to destiny when it comes to personal achievement. The idea is that, from the time you are born, you have fixed potential and inborn talent. The potential for change is small. While in many Asian cultures, the rough idea is that very little is predetermined and that if you work hard you can change. This idea applies to many different subjects such as intelligence. In the United States, the culture insists that intelligence is fixed and unchangeable while in other cultures the idea is that intelligence is fluid. This idea also applies to beauty standards.

Many Americans such as Jennifer Walden are subscribing to the incremental theory of beauty. Beauty is not fixed and should not be determined by genetic predisposition but it is something that you have the power to decide.